TechnoTronix escalating significance of advanced engineering of PCB’s for technology driven domains!

July 31, 2015

PCB Technology

The way in which industrial apparatus and electronics have become an important need in our routine lives is due to the diverse innovations, transmissions and concepts coming up into different markets. The core advancement in engineering of printed circuit board with regards to the layout flow, testing and assembling process has taken a step ahead for the technology- driven industries.

The changing gears in technology-driven markets have sensed a maturity in growth of printed circuit boards. With high circuitry velocity, multi layering PCB and many features in compact space there has been a great improvement in the engineering of prototypes and PCB Assembly processes.

TechnoTronix specializes in high mix, medium to low volume manufacturing for box build, mechanical and cable harness PCB assemblies with its varied customer base across the globe. The application of a wide range of PCB’s from aircraft fleets, defense equipments, and telecommunication, medical, pharmaceutical to mining, refineries and construction industries has filtered and upgraded the fabrication of PCB assembly. We leverage varied technologies which includes wireless systems, analog design, DSP, software, embedded microprocessor system, networking, mechanical systems, communication, power electronics and RF.

We are a trailblazer in offering PCB Prototyping and manufacturing services by using state- of-the- art techniques for PCB engineering. Some of them are through- hole technique, surface mount technique, chip-on-board, multi layered quick turn prototyping, custom IC design and thermal profiling. It has achieved technological advancement with specialization to create grueling and stout designs using Allegro (a Cadence tool) and PADS (an innerved tool) to handle any of the toughest PCB designs.

Thus, enhanced methods and techniques is at the mainframe for advanced engineering of PCB’s for providing electronic design and manufacturing solutions to the customers. Take a tour on to get more details on our PCB engineering services!

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