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Mastering PCB Mixed Assembly Processing

Mix-AssemblyOur method for rendering mastering mix assembly service commences with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) as a prima phase trending on the heels of Through Hole Technique (THT) for the OEM systems. Apart from SMT and Plated through hole technique we avail many other operations like the implementation of heat sinks, cables and press fit connectors tenable PTH I/0 communications.

The designing stage plays a crucial role in mixed assembly placement. We use Design-For-Manufacture (DFM) progressively for mastering mixed assembly at the time of design and layout stage. Our core consideration follows factors to get precise mastering mixed placements:

Bring down the total number of parts in a product:

  • Reduction in parts of a product entails less processing time, development time equipments, assembly difficulty, service inspection, testing etc

We unfold a modular design:

  • A modular design adds versatility to product, streamline in redesigning process and help minimize product variations.

We use multi functional design parts:

  • Some design parts have self aligning features apart from their predominant function that facilitates effective design modules for mixed assembly placements.

Design for ease of fabrication:

  • For ease in mixed assembly process select optimal blend of layout and materials. With the ease in fabrication the problems of excessive tolerance and surface finish requirements will be minimized.

Our master plan is to reduce costs by improving the manufacturability upfront. For this we use varied DFM review process like, Informal "Gut Check review", automated design automation software (ADA) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).

We provide advanced PCB prototypes, high and low volume PCB production, mixed assembly placement in addition to component sourcing, layout rework and destructive testing services to our customers worldwide.

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