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About Us

We have over 40 years of knowledge and combined experience in rendering high tech PCB assembly service, PCB manufacturing service and different PCB assembly technologies like Through-hole (THT) and Surface Mount (SMT). Mainly, we work with three types of printed circuit boards including Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB and metal core PCB.

We try to continuously innovative and invest in design, prototyping, Human resource, Quality, Digital & Infrastructure, NPI, assembly, and testing and inspection equipment. We serve our printed circuit board assembly services to different industries like aerospace, Defense, digital, mechanical, automobiles, dental / medical / healthcare, Renewable, Energy, Industrial, Telecommunication and more.

At Technotronix, PCB assembly and manufacturing is our core competency! We are not just a PCB assembler; we can completely test at board level to box build level for delivering the benefit of unparalleled technical expertise and the most progressive solutions at competitive prices.

We have proven expertise in PCB assembly service, PCB fabrication service and PCB prototype service. Customer relation and trust is always important for us.

PCB Assembly

From understanding your PCB requirement precisely and executing prototyping to bulk PCB production to assembly, fabrication to repair; Technotronix provides a broad range of printed circuit board assembly and PCB manufacturing services. Technotronix PCB assembly service include layout designing, prototyping, new product introduction (NPI), supply chain management, and assembling components in PCB. We provide Quality PCB assembly services and quality inspection using BGA reworking, conformal coating, IC programming, X-ray inspection, in-circuit testing (ICT), automated optical inspection, cable and wire harness assembly, Box Build assembly, Turnkey PCB assembly, low volume and cost-effective PCB prototype; for IOT as well. The PCB assemblies and prototype we built consider-in customers PCB application, Printed circuit board compliance and accordingly we follow all the necessary industry standards. Printed circuit board material is RoHS compliant as per customer request or applicable standards.
We provide all type of custom conformal coating as per PCB fab and PCB assembly requirements. Potting services can be provided as per compliance with the IPC-CC-830B standards. In respect to PCB assembly, we can also provide PCB prototype assemblies, which helps customer to get idea about PCB assembly process, printed circuit board assembly cost analysis, to get quick turnaround for PCB assembly prototype, and get more clarity on circuit board fab cost and final assembly quote. Our PCB layout process and final stage inspection reports help to getting rid of the errors in any stage of circuit board manufacturing, printed circuit board assembly and PCB prototype. Our Printed Circuit boards are manufactured in state of art manufacturing unit in California. Also, we have network of reliable PCB manufacturer worldwide to produce any critical or time sensitive requirement of our customer. If you looking for reliable and quality PCB prototype, Fab or Assembly services; Technotronix is considered among best, we cannot just help you to produce circuit boards or assembly by reducing the overall Printed circuit boards manufacturing costs, we can help you to reach your meet your entire PCB demand to reach your business goals. All our PCB assemblies are made in USA and inspected in house to meet respective quality and testing standards.

Why our Custom Printed circuit board assembly service ?

As a PCB assembly manufacturer, our custom PCB service will meet quality requirements of OEM and electronic product prototype and industry manufacturing requirements with quick turnaround.

Consumer electronics demand for Electronic assembly services for products can be customized to meet individual precise needs and standards. Complete or partial custom electronic products built to meet large or mix volume printed circuit board assembly, which would have custom features and components. Internet of things device manufacturing for example requires new software or hardware so to support upgrade in design and accessibility. To adhere ever changing manufacturer needs to create a custom printed circuit board in respect to digital device design and assembly demand.

Electronics industry is fast-paced and companies can’t simply survive without changing or upgrading products as per consumer demands and on-going innovation is the key to extra ordinary success, if product is not quickly marketed with reliable custom printed circuit board assembly company, one won’t be able to move one step ahead then competition. So it is important and crucial for Business to have quality custom printed board assembly service provider.

Technotronix Inc is California custom printed circuit board assembly company with four decades of expertise in manufacturing quality circuit boards.

Following are four important factors why you should choose us for custom printed circuit board assembly services.

What to expect from our custom PCB assembly service?

Wide range of circuit board assembly service to meet custom needs for PCB Assembly.

  • Prototype
  • Turn-key
  • Box build
  • Surface mount
  • Through-hole
  • Mixed
  • And quick turn assembly

We have supply chain of qualified vendors to source custom PCB components and in-house testing and quality inspection facility to adhere national and global PCB quality standards for delivering custom printed circuit boards.

PCB Assembly

Leading California PCB Assembly and PCB Prototype Services

Technotronix has over 4-decade experience in PCB assembly, PCB prototype, PCB manufacturing and PCB Fabrication, from initial PCB quote request stage to production, assemblies and even with cable harness our PCB manufacturing team ensure to meet all design, development, quality, cost, inspection, turn around, delivery requirements and specification provided by our valued PCB customers. For specific capability requirement in respect to produce bulk PCB prototype or high / low volume or low-cost PCB assembly and printed circuit board prototype requirement, please request PCB Quote. We have different printed circuit board quote request form for different needs including PCB Layout quote, Printed circuit board fab quote, PCB Prototype quote, PCB assembly quote, PCB Material management quote, PCB box build quote, Cable harness assembly quote, PCB turnkey assembly quote or for any custom PCB assembly quote, please contact us and our PCB Expert technician will make sure to understand your requirement, PCB quality and PCB Quick turnaround expectation and accordingly recommend you correct PCB solution. For PCB initial prototype it is important to understand component cost and optimized PCB Design to meet low-cost prototype. Our PCB Design and PCB standard compliance engineer have deep insight in PCB options to meet cost and turn around demand.

PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services

You can use PCB Assembly quote request form or PCB Fabrication quote request form and submit information. In case you need PCB fabrication and PCB assembly both, please submit both forms separately. Alternatively, you can email us BOM and Gerber files on or call us on 714/630-9200 in case any other clarification is required in respect to our PCB services.

PCB Layout

PCB Layout

One or more insulating layers containing signal trace

PCB Layout Quote
PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype

Simple and fast prototyping with a unique way

PCB Prototype Quote
Technotronix Services
PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication

Provider of custom pcb fabrication services

PCB Fabrication Quote
PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Our ultimate delivery of high end technology solutions

PCB Assembly Quote
Electro Mechanical Assembly

Electro Mechanical Assembly / Electro Box Build Assembly

We tender quick turn PCB layout with reduced fabrication cycles in the making operations.

Electro Box Build Quote
Precision Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Provider of Metal fabrication services

Metal Fabrication Quote


Technotronix EMS combines state-of-the-art technology with our advanced engineering to deliver unparalleled quality and service. Our defense, industrial, and medical customers gain a competitive edge with fast prototyping, domestic and off-shore manufacturing and the consistent delivery of high-quality, on-time, price-competitive products.

Full Service, USA Based PCB Manufacturer

We have proven experience & team of PCB engineers in manufacturing custom PCB prototype, PCB assembly & developing right printed circuit board prototyping solution at right price. We have well-equipped facility for manufacturing advanced PCB prototype and source quality components for prototype and PCB bulk manufacturing.

We have range of state-of-art PCB equipment to print different variety of flexible and rigid substrates. Also, it is critical to have PCB equipment to combine feeder capacity and speed with the ability to place any component fine-pitch, BGAs, QFPs, chip scale BGAs, CSPs, flip chips and 0201s. So, whether client wants to build a PCB prototypes or running high-volume, in-line PCB production, Mydata machines can answer virtually all your placement needs.


PCB Assembly PCB Prototype
  • More than 40 years in PCB Business and proud to been doing it in house based in Anaheim, California.
  • We always source quality board components.
  • Trained and experience PCB Assembly, Design, Fab Engineers to understand and meet customer requirements.
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 Certified PCB Assembly company & AS9100 Rev D so you are rest assure that we would always following Quality management system as per ISO Standards.
  • PCB Assembly, is always defect free as Inspection is done on real time based on CRX-100 X-Ray and BX Benchtop AOI Machines and manual inspection where ever it is required.
  • We value relationship and integrity, no matter what volume of PCB assemblies is required, either low, medium or large with our services, you will find our PCB Services to high standards.
  • We help you to build your PCB products at right cost and right time with always your best interest in our mind.
  • Best turn around in the industry.
  • Lead free and chemical free material can be available based on customer requirements.

Technotronix is one of leading PCB Manufacturer in California; you can count on us for quality PCB requirements. If you are looking for quality board manufacturing, PCB Prototype or PCB Assembly services please reach out we are always happy to help with your Circuit board or assembly or precise prototype requirements.

Email us at or Call us 714/630-9200.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly & Circuit Board Prototype FAQs

Do you have any questions about our services? Get answers for almost of your questions.

PCB assembly service is a process of mounting electronic components to the bare boards. Our PCB assembly service is Western US leading one-stop solution for printed circuit board assembly with quick lead times!

Yes. We are one of the leading US based PCB assembly and PCB prototype provider; deliver end to end services including PCB design, printed circuit board assembly, printed circuit board prototypes, PCB fab, NPI, supply chain management, conformal coating, circuit board box-builds and more. We also able to provide our printed circuit board services in all 50 states of USA; Also, we export to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and UK.

We offer SMT, combined surface mount, chip on board, multi-layer quick turn prototypes and more based on custom specification and requirements!

Well, the cost is depending on your requirement of custom printed circuit boards including design, complexity, no of layers, etc.

As a leading PCB Assembler in California, USA, our best and quickest turnaround time for printed circuit board assembly and prototype circuit boards is 24 hours. We can provide kitted or turnkey option as per custom requirements!

We cater our printed circuit board assembly and PCB prototyping services in Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Military, Telecommunication, Medical, Renewable Energy and many more industries as well. We also provide custom printed circuit board solutions!

Of course, yes. We provide complete box-build services from printed circuit board design, manufacturing, assembly to end product prototyping PCB!

Gerber, Native CAD, bill of materials with reference designators and assembly drawings!

We offer electro-mechanical assembly, cable harness assembly, wire harness assembly, custom printed circuit boards, box builds, panel assembly, specialized PCB rework, BGA assembly, prototype printed circuit boards and more. Feel free to contact us.

PCB prototype service is a process of full-scale manufacturing of printed circuit boards for any kind of end products. Generally, Prototype PCBs are developed for proof-of-concept.

  • Over 40 years of expertise in printed circuit board assembly service and prototyping PCB service.
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certified California PCB assembly company with AS9100 Rev D certification.
  • Best turnaround time in the industry.
  • State of art printed circuit board manufacturing facility & trained and experienced PCB assembly, design and fab engineers.
  • Providing any kind of custom printed circuit board assembly and prototyping services.

Yes, we provide turnkey printed circuit board assembly, printed circuit board prototyping and circuit board fabrication service in USA.

We provide printed circuit board assembly services compliance with the IPC-CC-830B standards and RoHS (Lead-free) materials based on customer requirement.

We mainly provide 3 types of printed circuit boards including Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCBs and Metal Core PCBs.

We can provide any type of printed circuit board prototypes and assembly in 2-3 business days; Although turnaround may depend on PCB material availability, complexity, quality and quantity of requirements! Feel free to let us know if you require any type of PCB assembly and prototypes.

Yes. Get a quick quote if you require any type of RoHS Compliant PCB assemblies or PCB prototyping.

We have both SMT assembly lines and selective solder equipment for through-hole components on your mixed-technology and double-sided boards.

Of course, Yes, we can fulfill all your custom prototype printed circuit boards requirements! Request a quote and we will get back to you!

To select the best suitable PCB assembly company, you should check their quality offerings, design capabilities, customization options, timely deliveries, experience, certifications, customer reviews, after-sales service, and more.

PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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