Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB is the answer of greater thermal distribution and mechanical strength now-a-days among various industries. Heavy copper PCB is a circuit board that has a copper thickness of more than 3 oz per square feet. The extra copper thickness allows the board to conduct more current. Additionally, heavy copper PCB has strong mechanical power in the plated-through holes and connector sites. Heavy Copper PCBs find wide application in electronics and electrical circuitry where high power transmission is the need of the hour. In addition, heavy copper flex PCBs offer high heat sinking capacity as poor handling of heat signals impacts the performance of the life of the circuitry.

Fabrication of heavy copper PCB involves the use of plating or etching as it adds copper thickness to sidewalls and plated holes. Additionally, during the PCB fabrication process, heavy copper PCBs are electroplated. This helps thicken the walls of PTH on the PCB.

Some of the features that make thick copper PCBs different from other PCBs include:

Copper weight: This of course is the main distinguishing feature of a heavy copper PCB. It refers to the weight of copper used in a square foot and is measured in ounces.

Outer Layers: The external copper layers begin with copper foil. The copper weight of the external layers is preset for standard designs.

Inner layers: The copper mass of the inner layers and the dielectric thickness is predefined for standard projects. However, they can be adjusted to the bespoke needs of your project.

We are a full-service provider of heavy copper printed circuit boards which are widely used in various industrial sectors. We are working under well-organized process and with the advanced technology, latest equipment and expertise team to fulfill your any kind of requirements for heavy copper PCB projects.

Capabilities of Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards

At Technotronix, we are fully equipped to offer you heavy copper PCBs. Our capabilities include:

  • Maximum Number of Layers = 20
  • Laminates = FR-4 (All Tg Ranges), Teflon, Ceramic
  • Finished Thickness = 0.020" - 0.275"
  • Green, Blue, Red, Black, Clear and White Solder Masks & Legend Inks
  • Minimum Solder mask Clearance = 6 mils
  • Minimum Solder Dam Width = 5.5 mils
  • Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL)
  • Immersion Gold (ENIG) & Immersion Silver
  • Blind & Buried Vias
  • Minimum Drill Bit Hole Size = 0.012"
  • Minimum Holes Size = 0.008" +0.005"/-0.008"
  • Maximum Hole Aspect Ratio = 10:1
  • Maximum Copper Weight = 6 oz. (UL Approved)
  • Controlled Impedance = +/- 10%
  • Minimum Silkscreen Line Width = 8 mils

Benefits of Heavy Copper PCB

The benefits of heavy copper PCBs include:

Great thermal distribution:

High Copper PCB offers high thermal resistance and it therefore finds wide use in applications that demand high speed and high frequency.

Improved mechanical strength:

The improved mechanical strength of the heavy copper PCB ensures that the electrical system remains durable and robust.

Good conductor:

With heavy copper circuit boards being good conductors, they find great use in electronics.

Onboard heat sink:

Heavy copper boards offer an onboard heat sink.

Heat Dissipation:

Heavy Copper PCBs help in dissipation of excess heat and hence prevent overheating.

Application of Heavy Copper Circuit Boards

On account of the above benefits, heavy copper PCBs find application in a range of industries including but not limited to:

Heavy Copper PCB Boards

UPS Systems

Heavy Copper Circuit Boards


Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards

Nuclear Power

Heavy Copper PCB Assembly

Electrical Power Distribution

Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturing

Welding Equipment

Heavy Copper Circuit Board

Solar Power Convertors

Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Board

HVAC Systems

Heavy Copper PCB USA

Renewable energies & storage pumping plants

Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturer

Hydro-electric plants

Heavy Copper PCB Board

Weapons control systems

Copper PCB

Radar systems

Technotronix Advantage as a Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturer

At Technotronix, we have more than 4 decades of experience in fabricating and assembling a wide variety of PCBs. With our state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced professionals you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

When you join hands with us you get access to a rich body of industry best practices that give you an edge.

Heavy Copper PCB manufacturing particularly requires a high degree of skill as inappropriate handling during the manufacturing process can lead to poor performance. We could also help you at the crucial prototyping stage where with our expertise you have to undertake minimal redesigns. Also, with lead times being typically longer for heavy copper laminates, we ensure that we get the job done right, at the first time. With our DFM services, we ensure that you avoid costly errors at a later date.

We are also fully equipped to offer large production runs to take care of all your volume requirements.

All you need to do is to get in touch with our team and share your bespoke requirements. Our experienced team will share a custom quote and ensure that the PCB is fabricated to your exact needs.

You can rest assured that all of this comes at the most cost-effective prices that ensure that your project is extremely competitive!

Heavy Copper PCB FAQs

A heavy copper PCB is a circuit board that has a copper thickness of more than 3 oz per square feet.

Among the many advantages that heavy copper PCBs offer, is the fact that they are known for their strong mechanical power. The extra copper thickness allows the board to conduct more current. They, therefore, find wide application in industries where high-power transmission is the need of the hour.

Yes, absolutely. Whether you are looking at prototype quantities or full production runs for copper printed circuit boards, we have covered.

Yes, no matter what the number of layers or complexity, we can provide heavy copper circuit boards based on your requirements.

Yes, we cater to a wide range of surface finishes.

Yes, absolutely. You can rest assured that we can fabricate heavy copper PCBs as per your requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering quick turnaround times. Get in touch with us with your bespoke requirements and you will get quick turn PCBs.

We have over 4 decades of experience in dealing with different varieties of PCBs including heavy copper printed circuit boards. Our state-of-the-art equipment and team of experts offer significant advantages.

We have robust quality check procedures in place. Above everything, a large portfolio of satisfied clients stands as the biggest testimony to our success.

Please feel free to request a quick heavy copper PCB quote for any kind of requirements that you may have. Alternately, you can also get in touch with us at 714/630-9200, 714/630-9207, or write in to us at [email protected].
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Do you have any heavy copper PCB requirements? Request a free heavy copper PCB quote. Alternatively, email BoM, Gerber files, and other required details at [email protected] or call us 714/630-9200.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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