Rapid printed circuit board prototype is the perfect way to save costs and valuable time! We have a state-of-the-art facility to provide rapid PCB prototyping services in California, USA. While it may sound simpler to place an order for a full production run, the fact is that any mistake discovered at a later stage can prove to be extremely costly. This is the exact reason that they have gained importance. These boards allow to ensure you have the right designs. With a PCB prototype you can test it and then get to the production stage.

What really is rapid PCB prototyping? Simply put, it refers to the quick prototyping of a PCB board often using 3D computer aided design. The fabrication is usually completed using additive manufacturing, or what is more commonly known as 3D printing. It is ideal for complex projects that are under tight deadlines, as it allows for any flaws to be identified early.

At Technotronix, we offer rapid PCB prototyping services that adhere to design specifications and help you to get started on your standard production run!


Our capabilities span the entire gamut of rigid, flex and rigid-flex prototypes. We ensure that quantity does not come in the way of quality.

Capabilities of Rapid printed circuit board prototype
Features Capabilities
Rigid PCBs Up to 24 layers
Panel Size up to 21ʺx26ʺ
Metal core or metal backed
A wide range of laminates
Copper thickness – 8 Oz. inner layer/16 Oz. outer layer
Rigid Flex PCBs 24+ layers
A wide range of custom finishes
Metal core or metal backed
UL qualified
Flexible PCBs Up to 20 layers
Board size up to 20ʺ x 24 ʺ
Board thickness: 0.1mm – 0.8mm
Blind and buried vias
RoHS compliant


  • Ability to correct designs at an early stage.
  • Mitigate risk and save money.
  • Benefit from lower production tolerance.
  • Prototypes can accommodate more layers.
  • It is useful for testing functions of individual components as well as complex devices. Provides opportunity to iterate and innovate.
  • Improves quality of final product.
  • Great for investor pitches.


Rapid prototype printed circuit boards find wide application in a variety of industries especially those dealing with complex devices. In mission critical industries where there is no leeway of any error, PCB prototypes are particularly useful. Some of these industries include:

Rapid PCB Prototype


Rapid Prototype PCB


Rapid Prototyping PCB


Rapid PCB


In addition, rapid PCB prototypes are needed for every startup that needs to highlight a minimum viable product to investors!


At Technotronix, we have over 40 years of experience in prototyping rapid PCBs. With state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team, we are well poised, not just to provide you with a high-quality product but also a wealth of industrial knowledge. When you join hands with us what you are bringing on board is a partner invested in your success. We can provide comprehensive feedback on your PCB design before getting to the prototype and production stage.

Our quick turnaround is particularly suited for prototypes where you want to test the product early and iron out any flaws. Either way, we do not let quantity come in the way of quality, for that we provide both rapid PCB prototypes as well as large production runs.

We also offer turnkey board production, which means that you can benefit from our end-to-end expertise.

All of this at the most cost-effective prices that ensure that your project is extremely competitive!

All you need to do is to get in touch with our team with your bespoke rapid PCB prototyping requirements and see them revert with a custom quote.

Experience a seamless process, right from placing your order to DFM resolution, a responsive team, quick turnaround and above all high-quality boards!


Rapid PCB prototyping is a useful practice that shortens the time required to develop designs and enables you to not face any costly errors.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit with the latest equipment and advanced technology is in Anaheim, California, USA.

Some advantages include:
  • Short turnaround
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced time to market
  • Ability to test components separately
  • Reduced costs
  • Better final products

A concept with their design needs to be ready first before the PCB design is committed to mass production. This is the prototype stage. Once the OEM has established that the basic prototype boards are working to their satisfaction and any potential errors have been weaned, it is time to move to a standard production run.

Yes, that is one of the advantages that rapid PCB prototyping offers.

They help to provide a proof-of-concept that can, among other things, be highlighted to investors.

Yes, absolutely.


Rest assured that we offer robust customer support, with our team handheld you, every step of the way. From quick quote to delivery and after-sales, we are there with you.

Totally, we offer the best prices.

While our emphasis is on speed, it is without compromising quality.

Yes, absolutely! We offer a wide range of surface finishes from HASL, Immersion Silver, Immersion Gold, Hard Gold, Soft Bondable Gold, and ENIG.
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Do you have any rapid PCB prototyping requirements? Request a free rapid PCB prototyping quote. Alternatively, email BoM, Gerber files, and other required details at sales@technotronix.us or call us 714/630-9200.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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