Rigid Flex PCBs

Rigid flex PCBs are a great choice for ultra-thin packaging needs. Rigid flex printed circuit boards are the integration of elements from both hardboards and flexible circuits. The key advantage is it can be folded or flexed while maintaining shape. While the rigid PCBs are responsible for holding all the components, the flexible film connects two rigid PCBs. With the ability to streamline the electronic design, they provide added functionality and improved electrical performance. We have covered all your custom rigid flex PCB requirements for consumer appliances, industrial and manufacturing, telecommunication, automotive, medical devices, renewable energy, and many more requirements.

Capabilities of Rigid Flex Circuit Boards

Capability Standard
Types of Rigid Flex PCB Single Sided Rigid Flex Boards
Double Sided Rigid Flex PCBs
Multilayer Rigid Flex circuit boards
Layer Count 2 - 24 multilayers
Materials Polyimide
Copper Thickness 9 µm
12 µm
18 µm
35 µm
Min. Line / Spacing 125 µm / 125 µm
Smallest Drill 0.28 mm
Surfaces Immersion Ni/Au
Plated Ni/Au
Immersion Tin
Stiffener Material FR4
Min. Annular Ring 150 µm
Min. Solder mask Dam 100 µm
Drill to copper – Outer layers 8 mil
Drill to copper – Inner layers 10 mil
Minimum Pitch 0.5 mm
Copper Thickness 0.5 oz. - 4 oz.
Copper to Board Edge 0.007″
Minimum Hole Size 0.004″
Coverlay Opening 0.003″

Benefits of Rigid Flex PCBs

  • Light weight and compact with reduced packaging size.
  • Improved connection reliability with fewer solder joints.
  • Fit smaller areas, contributing to large product miniaturizations.
  • Known for easy assembly.

Why Us?

  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified PCB assembly company that sticks to quality standards.
  • We have over 44 years of experience in fabricating as well as assembling high quality rigid flex printed circuit boards.
  • We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to cater to any custom and complex board requirements.
  • We have an extremely qualified team who is equipped with industry best practices and provide cost-effective solutions.
  • Whether your requirement is for prototypes or full production runs, you can rely on our services.
  • We understand the market dynamics and the fact that quick time to market is a big source of competitive advantage.


Absolutely! From 2-24 layers, you could take your pick!

Rigid flex PCB manufacturing process involves multiple steps including preparing the base material, circuit pattern generation, cover lay, cutting out the flex, electrical testing, and verification.

The rigid flex PCBs consist of bare boards with multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates externally or internally, based on the design.

The lead time for such boards is 1 to 2 weeks; however, it will depend on the bespoke requirements.

We manufacture rigid flex circuit boards, rigid PCBs and flex PCBs in accordance with UL, ISO-9001, AS 9100, IPC-6012/6013 and MIL performance standards.

We offer Immersion Ni/Au and OSP. We also provide custom surface finishing or plating for rigid flex circuit boards.

We use FR4, steel or aluminum.

Please provide us Gerber Data, BOM and Assembly drawings.

Yes, absolutely! We can offer a custom quote basis your bespoke requirements.
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Do you have any rigid flex PCB requirements? Request a free rigid flex PCB fabrication quote. Alternatively, email BoM, Gerber files, and other required details at [email protected] or call us 714/630-9200.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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