PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

ISO 9001:2015 | AS9100 Rev. D Certified | IPC-A-610 CLASS 1-2-3 | J Std 001E Class I, II, and III

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is the process of constructing a complete board with all soldered and installed electronic components, encompassing resistors, diodes, transistors, and more. We offer comprehensive circuit board assembly services, utilizing surface mount, through hole, and mixed technology approaches to cater to both full turnkey and consigned pcb circuit board assembly needs. Our capabilities extend to various board types including those with metal cores, electromechanical assemblies, and box build assemblies, tailored to meet custom requirements ranging from prototype quantities to large-scale production orders.

As a prominent printed circuit board assembly manufacturer based in California, USA, we leverage advanced technologies and adhere to international quality standards throughout the entire PCB assembly process. This enables us to maintain control over every aspect of production, ensuring a seamless PCB board solution in-house.

Our expertise covers a diverse product mix, from manufacturing high-density count back panels to comprehensive layout designs that incorporate blind, micro, and buried vias. Whether you're looking to understand Printed circuit board assembly costs, design considerations such as lead-free PCB assembly, or require small volume PCB assembly services, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

PCB Assembly Services

We specialize in providing top-notch printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services tailored to custom specific requirements. Our experienced team of circuit board assembly experts ensures precise and efficient PCB assembly using the latest tools and technologies. As a trusted printed circuit board assembly manufacturer, we prioritize quality, reliability, and on-time delivery. Whether you need custom, small volume or lead-free PCB assembly, we guarantee reliable results and customer satisfaction.

Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities

Capabilities of Turnkey PCB assembly
Capability Standard
Assembly Types: Surface mount (SMT), Single & double-sided SMT/PTH, Mixed Technology (SMT/Through-hole), Large parts on both sides
Solder Types: Leaded, ROHS compliant
PCB Types: Single-sided PCBs, Double-sided PCBs, multi-layer PCBs
Board Type: Rigid, Metalcore, Flexible Rigid-Flex
Alter/Rework: Ball Grid Array replacement station, IR rework station
Quality Checking: AOI checking, Visual inspection, BGA Placement- X-Ray checking
Parts Procurement: Turnkey, Biased Turnkey, Kitted/ Consigned
Components: Passive components, Connectors, Terminals
Stencils: Nano-coating, Laser-cut stainless steel
Lead Times: 1-2 weeks,4-7 days and Scheduled deliveries
Volume: Engineering prototype

PCB Assembly Process and Technology

THT (Through-hole technology) assembly process

In this process, holes are made into PCBs. Pin-through-hole components are inserted into it by soldering.

These include the following steps:

Step 1 : Check the client's circuit board design documents and accordingly organize and fix all the components.

Step 2 : Checking and rectification. Plug boards and components together.

Step 3 : Wave soldering is done at a high temperature and by moving the circuit boards in the liquid solder via waving.

Through Hole Assembly

SMT (Surface-mount technology) assembly process

Using solder paste, components are placed in circuit boards.

The following steps are needed in SMT:

Step 1 : A solder paste printer is required to solder paste on components and boards. Use stencil to ensure it is done properly or not.

Step 2 : PCBs are sent to the pick and place machine automatically for mounting components and integrated circuits on the pads with the solder paste effect. After that, the component reels are required for the installation of components onto the PCB boards.

Step 3 : Reflow soldering is done at high temperatures. Circuit boards are placed in an approx. 22-foot-long furnace.

SMT PCB Assembly

Mixed Technology assembly process

Single side mixed

All these procedures like printing using solder paste, placement of SMD parts, reflow soldering, wave soldering, and placement via through hole technology are necessary to do.

Blend of SMT and THT

For the best results, there are a few procedures that must be followed like surface mount adhesive, SMD parts placement, flipping, solidification, wave soldering, and PTH placement.

Double side mixed

In the double-sided mixed PCB assembly, it is processed in both ways with or without adhesive. Surface mount adhesive is an optional step based on requirement. All other steps of single side and between the two sides are used.

Download the Comprehensive Guide for Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process!
PCB Assembly

Why Choose Technotronix as PCB Assembly Company?

  • We have more than 44 years of experience in delivering printed circuit board assembly services.
  • With in-house testing, customers will get mass production of PCB assemblies in a cost-effective way.
  • For standard projects, our lead time varies from 1 to 5 days; and for complex projects, our lead time varies from 1 to 2 weeks. Although we deliver circuit board assemblies in the requested turnaround for any urgent order from a client.
  • We understand all the PCB board assembly requirements vary across different industries whether it is for electronics, medical, telecommunication, or any.
  • Whether you require low volume, prototypes, or high-volume PCB assemblies over 10,000 pieces, we work on all types of projects.
  • With our circuit board assembly capabilities and the newest technologies, we ensure that our customers will get what they want and when they want.
  • Lead free, RoHS compliant material can be available based on customer requirements.
  • We provide printed circuit board rework services and a technical support.

PCB Assembly Services for Various Industries

Our PCB assembly services cater to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

Telecom/Wireless Industry

We specialize in advanced telecom PCB assembly solutions tailored for indoor and outdoor environments. Our custom telecom PCBs seamlessly integrate with various telecommunication products and systems, including communication devices, wireless networking solutions, mobile devices, and network management systems.

Medical Industry

Our circuit board assembly services support a broad spectrum of medical devices, from diagnostic equipment and patient monitors to implantable devices and wearable health trackers. We prioritize seamless integration of components, ensuring the utmost quality and safety standards. With a commitment to precision and reliability, our medical PCB assembly services play a crucial role in advancing healthcare innovation.

Defense and Military Industry

Printed circuit board assembly services hold critical importance in the military industry, where ruggedness, reliability, and strict adherence to military standards are paramount. Our military PCB assembly process designed to meet the highest standard of quality and precision performance. We are expertise in custom PCB board assemblies to tailored to the unique requirements of military applications, including commination system, radar system, electronic tracking equipment, etc..

Electronics Industry

Our Electronics PCB Assembly services are extensively utilized across the consumer electronics industry. We specialize in delivering high-quality circuit board assembly solutions tailored to a wide range of electronic devices, including audio equipment, LED lighting, computers, washing machines, printers, and more.

Aerospace Industry

With specialized expertise in aerospace PCB assembly techniques, we deliver reliable solutions designed to thrive in aerospace environments. Our assemblies are engineered to endure extreme temperatures, high levels of vibration, and radiation exposure, ensuring both reliability and safety in critical aerospace applications.


PCB assembly is the process of assembling electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs) using different mounting technology.

We provide SMT PCB Assembly, BGA PCB Assembly, THT PCB Assembly, Turnkey PCB Assembly, Quick Turn PCB Assembly, Consigned PCB Assembly, Low Volume PCB Assembly, High Volume PCB Assembly, and custom PCB assembly services to meet customer requirements.

When choosing a PCB assembly services provider, consider key factors including the service provider's experience and expertise in the industry, their manufacturing capabilities and facilities, their adherence to quality standards and certifications (such as ISO, IPC, or AS9100), their ability to handle specific requirements (such as volume, complexity, and timeline), their reputation for reliability and customer service, their geographic location and proximity to your business, and their pricing structure and overall value proposition.

We offer PCB manufacturing, PCB fabrication, PCB layout, PCB prototype, and conformal coating. For PCB related custom services, reach out us [email protected].

To check over quality and performance of PCB assemblies, we utilize various testing methods including visual inspection, AOI inspection, and X-ray inspection (for BGA placement).

Yes, we provide single sided, double-sided, and multilayer PCB assembly services, get a quick Multilayer PCB Assembly Quote!

Yes, we can install BGA (BGAm, MBGA, LGA).

Yes, we always inspect using X-Ray.

Yes, we offer both RoHS and lead compliant assembly.

PCBA services, short for Printed Circuit Board Assembly services, involve the process of assembling electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB). This includes placing components, soldering them into place, and conducting necessary inspections and testing to ensure the PCB functions correctly. PCBA services are essential in electronics manufacturing, encompassing various techniques and technologies to meet specific design and quality requirements for diverse applications ranging from consumer electronics to industrial and medical devices.

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is the final product of soldering and installing electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB). The conductive pathways on the PCB's copper sheets form the electrical connections within a non-conductive substrate, resulting in a functional electronic device.

Yes, we offer a conformal coating service. (Most of the acrylic based we do in house).


Yes, we offer it based on the client’s requirements.


Yes, we can work with Blanket Order.

An allocated quotation cancellation fee will be charged for cancelled orders which depend on the PCB manufacturing, assembly or fabrication status at a time of cancellation. Read our terms & conditions.

Well, the PCB assembly cost varies based on PCB parts type, order quantity, labor cost, stencil, turnaround, and packaging.



Yes, we provide it based on your requirements.

Assembling a PCB involves several steps:
  • Apply solder paste to the circuit board.
  • Use a pick and place machine to position components precisely.
  • Solidify the solder paste through reflow soldering.
  • Inspect the printed circuit board assembly thoroughly for quality.
  • Insert any plated through-hole components as needed.
  • Perform a final inspection to verify the PCB meets specifications before finalizing.

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PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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