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Our ultimate delivery of high end technology solutions to our customers has made us a paramount leader in rendering unbeaten PCB assembly and manufacturing services. We cater to the tailored requirements of our clients whether their needs are a quick turnaround prototype or mass production PCB assembly with our prospered craftsmanship. By building everything from a sky scraping count, flattering back panels to layouts including buried, blind or micro vias we provide a broad product mix to our customer base.

We render PCB assembly and manufacturing services by using varied techniques like state-of-art technique, Surface Mount Technique ( SMT ) and Plated Through Hole Technique ( PTH ) with providing peerless facilities of Ultra fine pitch, Controlled Impedance, Sequential Lamination, Back drilling and high aspect ratio hole plugging in our affordable spectrum.

With 40 years of extensive experience, we have created a niche market for providing multi layered PCB Assemblies and Fabrication services to our customers worldwide. The PCB manufacturing and assembly process carried out by TechnoTronix is in compliance with international quality standards by using high grade components in the assembly process.

We are today working successfully for our customers in varied industries like aerospace, telecommunication, defense, medical, automobile and robotics. We have developed a personalized approach at every stage of the PCB assembly process.

Assembly Capabilities

We have deliberately reinvested in our capabilities to manufacture spot on PCB..

Mastering Mixed Assembly

Our method for rendering mastering mix assembly service commences..

Reliability & Repeatability

Our main intent is to prerequisite simplicity in our PCB manufacturing and assembly..

Prototype PCB Assembly

One of the in house PCB prototype marvels, TechnoTronix facilitates PCB assembly services..

Production PCB Assembly

One of the in house PCB prototype marvels, TechnoTronix facilitates PCB assembly services..

Overseas Assembly

Our strategic alliance and multiple vendor partnerships in the United States and overseas..

PCB Assembly Rework

The introduction of Pb-Free assembly has been challenging for first-pass assembly..


PCB assembly or PCBA is the second step or stage of PCB manufacturing in which the board components are mounted to the bare board through a soldering process. PCB Manufacturing Process couldn’t end without PCB Assembly.

Yes, we offer 24 hours quick turn PCB Assembled Solution without sacrifice quality of PCB Board.

Yes, we offer multi-layer PCB Assembly services.

Yes, our highly experienced team able to provide custom finish (such as OSP, ENIG, ImAg, ENIG etc) for PCB Assembly based on your requirements.

Yes, we have capability to do fin Pitch (01005 size passive components and up to 1mil spacing on BGA).

Yes, we can install BGA (BGAm, mBGA, LGA).

Yes, we always inspect using X-Ray.

Yes, we offered both RoHS or leaded compliant assembly.

Yes, we offer conformal coating service. (Most of the acrylic based we do in house)

Yes, we offer functional testing with client provide test procedure.

Yes, we offer cable harness service.

Yes, we have ability to do build box and we also do programming and testing.

We offer First Article Inspection service for PCB Assembly (as required by client).

Yes, we used IPC 610 or J-STD Quality Inspections as per client requirement.

Our standard turn around for PCB Assembly is 3 week.

Yes, we can work with Blanket Order.

Yes, we can work with Kanban system.

Yes, we give partial quantity based on parts availability.

An allocated quotation cancellation fee will be charged for cancelled orders which depend on the PCB manufacturing or fabrication status at a time of cancellation. Read our terms & conditions.

We believe that privacy is most important. We don’t sell, share or rent any individual’s personal information. In all cases, we comply with our privacy policy and other appropriate confidentiality or security measures such as ITAR, etc.

PCB assembly cost differs from PCB parts type, total parts on a PCB and order quantity.
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If you need custom and quick turnaround PCB assemble services for your electronic product contact us at for as we are just a click away on the internet freeway!

Timer PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly. Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.
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