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Through Hole PCB Assembly

Get end-to-end through hole PCB assembly (THA) solutions from prototypes to production. At Technotronix, we are committed to delivery of high-end technology solutions. To this end, we offer a complete range of through hole PCB assembly capabilities resulting in PCBs that are in compliance with international quality standards.

Our through hole PCB Assembly services comprise of both manual and automated techniques. While our manual techniques can handle complex assemblies, the automated ones are best suited for small-volume production as also reduced material handling.

Capabilities of Through Hole PCB Assembly

We are fully equipped to handle the following through-hole PCB assembly services:

  • Manual and automated placement of components
  • Double Wave Flow Solder
  • RoHS soldering using tin-lead solder
  • Functional testing

Above everything, we have a highly trained and experienced team that specializes both in hand soldering of components as also automated insertion for both axial and radial components as also automated dual wave solder.

In addition to through hole PCB assembly, we also provide value-added services, such as conformal coating, labeling, and complete PCB encapsulation.

Our stringent assembly testing protocols include

Thermal Profiling

Thermal Profiling

This is used to discover the temperature profile that works best for the PCB and to point out defects such as Insufficient solder, misaligned components, marginal joints and more.

Flying Probe Testing

Flying Probe Testing

This is particularly used in cases of low volume and highly complex assemblies and helps in detecting missing components as also to validate the component placement.

ICT Testing

ICT Testing

Used extensively for high volume production, it is extremely efficient in detecting parametric failures, PCB Layout-related faults, and component failures.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Used to authenticate board operations and behavior, Functional Testing helps us detect faulty component values, functional and parametric failures.

All of the above enable us to ensure reliability in our PCB Assembly process with reduced production losses, employee safety, process stability, extended equipment life, reduction in environmental issues and optimum usage of spare parts inventories.

Benefits of Through Hole PCB Assembly

Through-Hole PCB Assembly comes with a range of benefits including:

  • Withstanding stress: As opposed to SMT components, through-hole components are known for their ability to withstand mechanical and environmental stress.
  • Perfect for large components Through-hole works well for large components that have to undergo high power and high voltage
  • High heat tolerance Known for their high heat tolerance, they find application in a number of industries, particularly military and aerospace.
  • Ease of Prototyping Through-hole PCBs also lend themselves to ease of prototyping and improved reliability
  • High Reliability Through-hole PCBs are best used for high-reliability products that require stronger connections between layers.

Little surprise then, that even though surface mount components allow for denser configurations, for larger and heavier components that require strong bonds, through-hole technology has remained resilient and relevant.

Applications of Through-Hole PCB

Through-hole PCBs find extensive use in:

Through Hole PCB Assembly Process


Plated Through Hole Assembly


PCB Assembly Process


PCB Through Hole Plating

Electrolytic capacitors

Through Hole PCB Assembly Service

Carbon resistors

Fuses PCB


Light Emitting PCB

Light emitting diodes

Technotronix Advantage

Here is why a large portfolio of customers across industry verticals choose Technotronix for their PCB Assembly requirements:

  • Over 40 years of experience and expertise in delivering cutting edge products.
  • Quick turnaround times and stringent delivery schedules.
  • Full and partial turnkey solutions.
  • RoHS compliant assemblies.
  • No minimum order quantities. You can count on us for prototypes as well as large production runs.
  • Optimal costs.

Our responsive sales and technical support team as well as our prompt after sales services will make sure that you are taken care of the entire way. Feel free to reach out to us with your bespoke requirements and rest assured that you will be offered nothing but the best. All you need to do is to share the following details with us:

  • BOM Information.
  • Gerber Files that identify the areas of the board that should receive solder.

In addition to PCB Assembly, be it through hole or surface mount, at Technotronix we also undertake PCB assembly rework offering complete reliability, high quality and optimal costs. Not only are we well-versed in inventory management, fabrication and process control, we also have a stringent control on vendor component management.

Through Hole Assembly FAQs

PCB assembly or PCBA is the second step or stage of PCB manufacturing in which the board components are mounted to the bare board through a soldering process.

Yes, we offer 24 hours quick turn PCB Assembled Solution without sacrifice the quality of the PCB Board.

Yes, we inspect the boards using X-ray and therefore offer total reliability.

Yes, conformal coating is a part of our value-added services.

Yes, we offer robust functional testing that adds to the product reliability.

Absolutely, we offer these inspections as per client requirements.

Yes, basis client requirements, we are well equipped to offer first article inspection.

Our standard turnaround time for PCB Assembly is 3 weeks.

The cost is based on a number of factors including the types of PCB parts, order quantity and more. Once you reach out to us with your bespoke requirements, we will revert with a custom quote

A cancellation fee will be charged for cancelled orders, which depends upon the PCB status at the time of cancellation. Read our terms & conditions.
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Approach us to get an effective Through Hole PCB Assembly that authenticates your business products and makes it an element for quick turnaround at a first go!


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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