Box Build PCB

With over four decades of specialized experience, Technotronix excels in providing tailor-made Box Build Assembly services with its fully integrated advanced technologies. The capabilities and experience of our skilled engineers and experts spans a wide variety of customized PCB production services.

We provide a high mix for the low volume box build or low mix for a high-volume PCB box build services. Prior to final production, testing and delivery of many of our electronic products, there involves an interconnected system (cabling) and box build assembly.

A box build PCB contains all the assemblies of Printed Circuit Boards, making it efficient to operate multiple things at a single go. However, we are aware that PCBs are the core of electronics, which is crucial for multiple functions in electronics. The most common box build PCB assemblies combine all the components with the circuit board's fabrication and enclosure. A printed Circuit box build is the compilation of multiple PCBs in a single box. Over the decades, PCB box build is getting the attention of numerous PCB designers because of its capability to hold ultimate circuits in a single box for smooth electrical operations.

Suppose you are looking to assemble a box build PCB. In that case, Technotronix has some enormous benefits for you, where you can get PCB box build services to manage all the electronic equipment. You can differentiate multiple circuits' operations using a PCB build box and operate multiple devices using the single box. The system is integrated with several Printed Circuit Boards, which means the products should be ready to sell without deriving the PCBs' operations after building the box PCB assembly.

To furnish with precise box build assemblies or frame integration projects are one of the fortes of Technotronix. We boast full input of experienced manufacturing engineers and technologists to render leading edge box build assembly services from component sourcing to installation and PCB assembly by using top most techniques for standard electronics to odd form components with high speed SMT services, state of art pick and place modules.

For the larger PCB components; our operations are embodied with Through Hole Mount services with axial lead insertion capacity. Our PCB manufacturing outlay reaches not only to providing PCB box build services, but also reach out to serve our customers with materials management of all components, electromechanical parts, plastics, casings and print & packaging material by inspecting through Automated Optical Equipment to identify defective soldering, faulty components and wrong orientation.

Technotronix understands your needs for PCB box build assembly, which helps us prepare the best Printed Circuit Board box build. The large variety of components are fixed into complicated and simple enclosures that can manage different functions of a workforce.

Box Build Assembly Capabilities

Technotronix works with all the standards in performing the PCB box build assembly. Some of the standards are ISO9001, AS9100 Rev D, and other crucial certifications in building a smooth working Printed Circuit Board Box Build.

  • Cable Assemblies
  • Wiring Harness
  • High-level integration of high complexity components in PCB
  • Expert in frame integration projects
  • Offer high speed SMT Services
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Component sourcing
  • Multiple Testing
  • Custom Packaging
  • Sublevel Product assembly
  • Software loading and product configuration
  • Aftermarket services
  • PCB assemblies
  • Fabrication Services
  • Control Panels
  • Digital Displays
  • Turnkey Assemblies
  • Variable size as per the requirements.
  • Type of PCB Box builds: From simple electromechanical box build assembly to complex assemblies.
Box Build Printed Circuit Board

Benefits of box build PCB

Box build PCB services are beneficial for businesses to get a smooth operation. When we perform the in-house assembly, it is vital to get a dedicated staff and tools with an additional production space. Outsourcing the PCB box build assembly from Technotronix can offer you a wide range of benefits with cost-effective assembly and a higher quality control range.

Let's see some of the additional benefits of the box build PCB in an organization.

Box Build Assemblies

Fast Turn around

Technotronix is among those electronic manufacturing service providers who provide you a variety of box build PCB manufacturing with fast delivery.

Partnering with Technotronix can give you a free internal resource, which you can use in the product development of the Printed Circuit Board box build. A 3D model will help you figure out the operations of the box build PCBs in your organization and speed up the manufacturing process.

Box Build Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Reduced manufacturing costs

If you are choosing Technotronix as your primary box build assembly manufacturer, you can get the PCB box build at pennyworth price. We take advantage of the bulk components available at our workforce compiled by our best manufacturer teams to give it a physical shape.

We do some experiments in our manufacturing process, which helps us to manufacture PCB box build efficiently. From installing small components on the PCB build box to testing, we make sure to keep an eye on every unit. It helps us find effective ways of building box assembly services, so we can reduce the cost of manufacturing!

Box Build Printed Circuit Boards

Tailor Made box build assembly results

When you opt for Technotronix as your electronics manufacturing service partner, you can get tailor-made PCB box build assembly services. We work on the quality and quantity to provide you immediate solutions related to PCB box build assembly services, with all the crucial components.

If you are getting comprehensive designs for box build PCBs, you will also get flexibility in PCB manufacturing. Technotronix works with all the effective ways that can give you flexible outcomes in PCB box build assembly. We are experienced in PCB manufacturing, which gives a complete understanding of creating effective box build PCB services for you. Technotronix is the name that never compromises with the quality of the box build PCB.

  • With our advanced testing mechanism, we ensure the quality of Printed Circuit Boards box builds. While testing the box build PCB, we make sure to perform all the crucial repairs at the time of testing to give the highest quality PCB box build.
  • Technotronix compiles all the crucial components for the PCB box builds with proper system integration and completes all the crucial tests for higher PCB box build manufacturing.

Why choose Technotronix as your Box Build Assembly Manufacturer?

When it comes to electronic manufacturing, Technotronix is one of the names that will come into your mind due to our diverse services in PCB assembly. You can get custom solutions for the box build PCB assembly, which will nullify the errors in the operation of electronic devices.

We offer our services from small businesses to an organizational level, to find effective solutions for fast and smooth electronic operations. Technotronix is an organization that holds ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS9100 Rev. D certificates that are the mark of our excellence in the field of electronics manufacturing service.

We are active for the past 40 years, strengthening several organizations' trust in manufacturing box build PCB assembly. Technotronix is compiling manufacturing with technology to ensure the quality and speed of manufacturing box build printed circuit boards on a large scale.

Box build circuit board assembly FAQs

It integrates multiple circuits in a single box, operating several electronic devices on a single command. The display over the box shows the operation of certain electronic devices in an organization.

No, it depends on your requirement, Get in touch with us to get a quote for high volume printed circuit board assembly!

Yes. We are exporting box build assembly services in USA, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.), UK, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Yes, we offer turnkey solution for PCB build box. For more information, please contact us at

We offer Multiple Testing for box build assembly
  • Automatic Optimal Inspection
  • Solder Paste Inspection
  • In Circuit Testing
  • Functional Circuit testing
  • X-Ray inspection

Following Steps for Box Build Assembly Process:
  • System Level Design
  • Sub-Level Product Assembly
  • Product Assembly & Testing
  • Software and Product Configuration
  • Warehousing & Order Management
  • Post-Sales Service and Repair

Our standard turnaround time may vary from 24 hours to 1 week. It will depend on many factors includes custom requirements, the complexity of the product, the number of products, where to deliver, etc.
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You can use Box Build PCB Assembly quote request form and submit information. Alternatively, you can email us BOM and Gerber files along with information of Box build volume and type of pcb box build testing requirements you might have on or call us on 714/630-9200 in case any other clarification is required in respect to our Box build PCB services.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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