BGA Assembly Services

Technotronix specializes in BGA assembly services, offering a reliable solution for mounting high-performance devices in electronics. BGA is renowned for its high-density and cost-effectiveness in surface mount packaging, making it ideal for various electronic components.

With our extensive experience in BGA assembly, clients trust us for intricate designs across industries such as consumer electronics, miniature electronics manufacturing, automotive, LED lighting, medical devices, wireless and telecommunications, satellites, and more. Whether you have specific size requirements or intricate designs, we ensure precision in BGA PCB assembly and rework using robust testing methodologies. At Technotronix, we are committed to delivering quality BGA assembly services tailored to meet your unique needs and industry standards.

If you're interested in to integrate high-performance components into electronics, Ball Grid Array (BGA) assembly offers an ideal solution. BGA is a widely adopted surface-mount packaging known for its high density and cost-effectiveness, making it indispensable across various electronic components.

At Technotronix, our extensive expertise in BGA assembly services has made us a trusted partner for intricate designs. Regardless of size specifications, you can rely on us to meet your customized requirements. We prioritize precision in BGA PCB assembly and rework, employing rigorous testing methodologies to ensure quality. Our clientele spans diverse industries, including consumer electronics, miniature electronics manufacturing, automotive, LED technology, medical devices, wireless communication, satellite systems, and beyond.

Bga Assembly Capabilities

Capability Standard
Types of BGA PCB:
  • Micro Ball Grid Array (µBGA)
  • Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CTBGA)
  • Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CABGA)
  • Very Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CVBGA)
  • Very Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (VFBGA)
  • Land Grid Array (LGA)
  • Chip scale Package (CSP)
  • Wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP)
Size: Available in custom size.
PCB Testing Protocols:
  • X-ray inspection
  • Functional Testing
  • Automated Optical Inspection
BGA rework:
  • PCB Reballing
  • Pad and Track Repair
  • BGA Site Modification
  • Correcting Damaged or Missing BGA pads
  • Component removal and replacement

Ball Grid Array Advantages

Miniaturization in Electronics

There is an increased demand for miniature electronics. In BGA, solder balls offer the appropriate soldering for holding the package to strengthen the interconnection and make it effective.

Improved Performance at High Speed

The placement of solder balls in BGA enables strong interconnections, close bond between components, and reduce warping during high speed. It improves overall electrical performance at high speed.

Reduce Component Damage

The heating process melts the solder balls of ball grid array, that helps in decreasing the chances of component damage.

High solderability

This ensures speed of assembly as well as improved quality.

Why Us?

  • Over 44 years of experience in BGA PCB assembly.
  • Well-trained team dedicated to quality and efficiency.
  • Capabilities to provide quality BGA PCB assembly services with quick turnaround.
  • Efficient network of component suppliers ensures optimal costs.
  • Economies of scale for competitive pricing.
  • High solderability in BGA assembly enhances speed and quality.


BGA assembly is a process of mounting ball grid arrays onto a circuit board using solder reflow process. Ball grid arrays are surface mount components which use array of solder balls to make electrical interconnections.

The factors include lamination material compatibility, the warpage requirement, surface finish effect, solder mask clearance, and more.

High density, better electrical conductivity, lower thermal resistance, easy to assembly & manage are some of the advantages of BGA PCB.

Yes absolutely!

Yes, of course. We conduct a careful DFM (Design for Manufacturability) check to develop an optimized thermal profile.

Yes, absolutely! We are committed to offering a quick turnaround. Although it would depend on your requirement, complexity of products and quantity as well. For any kind of urgent assistance or queries, feel free to contact us.
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Do you have any BGA PCB assembly requirements? Request a free BGA assembly quote. Alternatively, email BoM, Gerber files, and other required details at [email protected] or call us 714/630-9200.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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