LED Circuit Boards

With PCB technology evolving, LED circuit boards are exciting product innovation for consumer and industrial applications! No surprise there, as LEDs have emerged as a popular lighting choice on account of both their energy efficiency and low power consumption. We are a leading LED PCB manufacturer in California, USA; with over 40 years of experience.

At Technotronix, we offer printed circuit boards for LED lighting, where the LED with a chip is soldered to the circuit board and produces light when electrically connected. In choosing the board material, due care is taken to see that the heat produced is easily dissipated. A thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material is therefore used that ensures that the heat can be efficiently dissipated.

Capabilities in LED Circuit Boards

As an experienced LED PCB Manufacturer at Technotronix, we bring complex designs to life. Our extensive capabilities in LED printed circuit boards include:

  • Rigid, flexible as well as rigid flexible boards for LED.
  • Metal Core LED circuit boards
  • Embedded LED PCB
  • SMD LED circuit boards
  • A wide range of finishes - SMOBC/HASL, electrolytic gold, electroless gold, electroless silver, immersion gold, immersion tin, and OSP
  • Option of base plate - Copper or Aluminum
  • Choice of PCB Core - FR-4, Epoxies and aluminum laminated with copper
  • Dielectric thickness: .003"
  • ROHS compliant/Lead free assemblies
  • Automated Optical PCB Inspection, Electrical testing and sample inspections

Benefits of custom LED circuit boards

Some of the primary benefits offered by custom LED circuit boards include:

  • Being small and light weight, LED membrane switches lend themselves to miniaturization of PCBs
  • Their low power consumption is a major benefit for its use in both consumer as well as industrial applications.
  • Aluminum used in LED PCBs comes to a number of advantages. The first that it allows easy dissipation of heat and the second that it is recyclable and non-toxic.
  • They are dust and moisture resistant
  • They can be easily integrated into complex assemblies
  • They are available in a number of colors and sizes
  • LED lights are known for their increased efficiency and longer life span as also for being environmentally friendly.
  • The fact that LED lights do not emit a radiofrequency during their operation, means that they do not cause interference with other devices.

Applications of LED printed circuit boards

LED printed circuit boards find a wide range of application in a number of industries including but not limited to:

LED Circuit Electronics

Consumer electronics

LED Circuit Equipment

Medical Equipment

Custom LED Circuit Boards


Custom LED Circuit Board




PCB LED boards

Traffic and Signal Lighting




Concealed Lights


Highway Tunnel Lighting


Solar Power

Led Printed Circuit Boards

Decorative Lights

Technotronix Advantage as a LED Circuit Boards Manufacturer

At Technotronix, we have over 4 decades of industry experience in delivering state-of-the-art PCBs. Our advance technological expertise ensures that we are up to speed with the latest developments and bring to you cutting edge products. Little surprise then that we are one of the most trusted LED PCB manufacturers.

LED PCBs require complex designs and are temperature sensitive. It is, therefore, imperative, that you work with a company that is experienced in LED PCB Manufacturing. Our customer-focused approach ensures that we provide bespoke products to suit your requirements. Right from conceptualization to delivery, we provide turnkey services that guarantee you absolute peace of mind. As a full-service PCB provider, we are well-poised to offer component procurement, fabrication and assembly all under one roof. We ensure that we use a thermal aluminum clad layer that effectively dissipates heat and keeps the LED PCB components cool and thereby efficient. Our expert engineers with their vast experience, ensure that you do not need to reinvent the wheel and that you have access to industry best practices. In fact, a wide array of clients across industries, stand as the biggest testimony to our success.

Our LED PCBs go through multiple checks and tests that ensure what you get are the highest quality products. All of this with quick turnaround times to ensure that go-to-market plan isn’t impacted.

The fact that we are entirely flexible when it comes to your order quantity also makes us a preferred partner. Whether you are looking for LED PCB fabrication, LED circuit boards manufacturing, PCB LED boards prototyping or a full production run, what you will get from us is the same unstinting focus on quality.

If you have a design in place, all you need to do is to send us your Gerber files. Basis your requirements we will share a custom quote. You can rest assured that we offer optimal costs that work for your project.

To sum up, when you partner with Technotronix, you stand to gain the following advantages for LED circuit boards:

  • Superior quality products on account of our well-equipped manufacturing facilities and experienced staff.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Custom quotes.
  • Superior customer service.

Reach out to us and witness a seamless process for yourself.

LED Circuit Boards FAQs

LEDs are an increasingly popular technology for lighting across various industries. LED Circuit Boards are essential for many LED applications. They transfer heat away from the bulbs and enhance their performance.

They find a range of applications in various industries including Consumer and industrial applications.

Both Surface-mount as well as through-hole techniques can be used to mount LEDs with circuit boards.

Yes, we can provide multilayer LED PCBs depending on your requirements. Request a quote for more information.

We cater to rigid, flexible and rigid flexible LED circuit boards, Embedded LED PCBs, single- or double-sided LED printed circuit boards, multilayer LED PCB, SMD LED circuit boards, custom LED circuit boards and more.

Our choice of PCB Core includes FR-4, Epoxies and aluminum laminated with copper for LED circuit boards fabrication!

Yes, we offer custom LED PCB Manufacturing and prototypes as well on basis your bespoke requirements. All you need is to request a quote; and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LED PCBs require complex designs and are temperature sensitive. An experienced partner is therefore, imperative.

Yes, whether your requirement is LED PCB assembly or a full production run, we are well-equipped & highly experienced to provide it. Get in touch with us to know more.

LED circuit boards include various rewarding things like lightweight, low profile, dimensional stability, thermal expansion, efficient low power consumption, dust and moisture resistant, make it easy to integrate into complex interface assemblies and many more! If you have any required related to LED PCBs, feel free to contact us!

We are exporting LED printed circuit boards in USA, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.), UK, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Yes, we are contract based electronics and circuit board manufacturer who serve to various OEMs, electronics, telecommunication, medical, automotive and other industries.

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Get effective LED PCB Manufacturing that authenticates your business products and makes it an element for quick turnaround at a first go! You can use LED circuit board Assembly quote request form or LED circuit board Fabrication quote request form and submit information. In case you need LED circuit board fabrication and LED circuit board assembly both, please submit both forms separately. Alternatively, you can email us BOM and Gerber files on sales@technotronix.us or call us on 714/630-9200 in case any other clarification is required in respect to our LED PCB services.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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