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Cable Harness Assembly

Being a cable harness assembly and wire harness assembly manufacturer for the past 40 years, Technotronix was established as a trustable manufacturer of the highest quality cable assembly. The base of Technotronix is in California, the USA, from where we operate every Complex cable harness assembly using the latest technology and machinery.

Technotronix provides cable harness assembly in military, and automotive high-end industrial applications to find out every complex cable harness assembly solution. The wire assembly from Technotronix Ranges from simple cable harness assembly to every Complex cable harness assembly. It is crucial to provide the best cables, and their ability to transmit signals should be the finest in the industry. At Technotronix, you will find every smart solution to fulfill your needs in cable harness assembly.

Our experts can build large cable harnesses and prepare the best cable harness assembly using large and complex machines. It provides us the ability to simplify every complex issue in cable harness assembly.

Technotronix is specialized in layout and assembling of custom and complex cable and wire harness assemblies to address the needs of customers. We cater to the wide spread needs of our broad customer base of varied industries like aerospace, defense, telecommunication, medical etc.

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Capabilities

We provide complete turnkey solutions with our PCB assembly capabilities like cable and wire harness assembly by using advanced techniques and software like CAD which molds the layout ideas into product drawings.

Quality is at the core of our manufacturing process. Another main concentration is on our improved cable harness potentials like cutting and crimping using automatic machine, tinning using soldering with temperature-controlled soldering irons, using high tech electro mechanical equipments, antistatic facility, crimping tools, test jig etc. We authenticate the final product or solution by our advanced and varied testing methods.

Cable Harness Assembly

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Wire Harness Assembly

Fiber optical cable assemblies

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Coaxial Cable

Wire Harness And Cable Assembly

Stainless and synthetic cables

Cable Assembly Wire Harness

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ETFE-, FEP-, PFA-, Cables and Wires

Following are the cable harness assembly and wire harness assembly services we offer:

  • Prototype Development
  • Connector tooling
  • Wire leads and sets
  • Assembly Packaging
  • Printing of heat shrink
  • Automated wire processing
  • Sonic Welding
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Custom Wire Harness Assembly

Cable Harness Assembly Service Application

Technotronix designs custom cable assembly for automatic systems, HVAC controls computers, electronic appliances, and defense equipment. We prepare the cable harnessing to meet every industrial requirement and maintain the standard of wire harness cables. Cable assembly from Technotronix; will give you ample solutions to install any electronic appliance in your industry that can reduce cables' count and provide the best cable solutions.

With over 98% of assembled cables, we customize every cable harness & incorporate these cables' custom lengths. From installing wires on the Assembly board to crimping terminals, power engineers make sure to give durable cable harness assembly services. The cable harness assembly board is prepared efficiently by passing it through several situations and ensuring these boards' quality.

Our comprehensive and standard services in cable harness assembly are the best in every stage of production. Our management speed and the latest technology help us give our clients the fastest cable harness assembly services. Technotronix cable and wire harness assembly meets all the IPC standards in cable harness assembly and gives you the best cables in competitive prices. Cable and wire harness assembly from Technotronix will give you the most durable assemblies that can manage to survive in a complex environment. We met all our commitments in preparing the cable harness assembly and offer you the finest services in the genre.

Cable Harness Assembly Standards

Technotronix gives you the best and durable wire harness and cable assembly. It makes sure to follow all the crucial standards to prepare a set of wires where the assembly is a process that takes a lot of hard work. The engineers of Technotronix combined this hard work with the latest technologies to find out the smart solutions wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing.


  • The IPC standard of cable harness assembly includes multiple applications of cable harness.
  • It will show the manufacturability and design of the cable harness as per the environment.
  • Availability of simple language.
  • It focuses on the ultimate performance of the product.
  • It also consists of a feedback system, where you can register your concerns for improvement.

IPC A-610

  • It is the acceptability standard for cable harness assembly, which indicates the pictorial document of ample characteristics of cable assembly process.
  • It must meet all the criteria to ensure the quality of cable harness assembly, and Technotronix works to prepare the cable harness assembly after compiling all the resources, which gives you the best cable harness manufacturing process.

High voltage test for class 2 cables

  • If the wire is having some smaller gaps between the isolated conductors, then the resultant voltage will get some breakdown, and affect the total current transmission in the cable.
  • Technotronix prepare the wire harness assembly by keeping all the things in mind, and prepares the cable harness assembly with the creepage distance > 2 mm, which ensures the complete transmission of the cable harness assembly.
  • When the same cable is tested with 1000 VDC, then the gap is stretched to 0.15mm, which ensures the quality of the cable harness assembly you will get from Technotronix.

Benefits of Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

When it comes to wire and cable harness manufacturing companies, Technotronix is one of the USA's leading companies. We work on our client's requirements by making short of giving the solution needs down to the most minute details.

Our wire harness manufacturing compound allows us to reduce costs and provide our products at a competitive price. Our clients are our strength, and we optimize wire harness assembly as per the requirements by ensuring the safety and efficiency of cable wire harness assembly.

Technotronix works for locomotive mining, broadcast telecommunication Aerospace Aeronautics optoelectronic solar, and other industries to offer the best wire harness assemblies. If you search for the best cable harness assembly to fulfill your company's needs, you need to contact Technotronix. Our experienced engineers will manage the rest of the operations that work to provide efficient wire harness assembly.

Why choose Technotronix as your cable harness assembly and wire harness assembly provider?

Technotronix is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13845:2016, and AS 9100 rev D certified company that focuses only on the quality of wire harness assembly. The certifications mark our unique ability in cable and wire harness assembly that every industry requires at a cost-efficient price. Our best engineers do a wide range of cable harness assembly, and you can get a customized cable harness assembly for every industry.

We prepare cable harnesses for automotive machines, computers, HVAC controls to meet all the industrial requirements. The cable harness assembly can be used precisely by heavy-duty vehicles, electronic equipment, aerospace equipment, Police or defense equipment, electronic sports equipment, and other crucial industrial equipment. It needs to give smooth operation to them. Technotronix always performs the best wire harness assembly for you, from simple harness assembly to complex harness assembly.

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly FAQs

Cable harness assembly is a group of cables or sub-assemblies for transmission of any electrical power or signal supply.

Wire Harness Assembly is a group or sub set of wires, connectors or terminals for used in any kind of electrical devices, products, components, etc.

Based on different sizes and complexity, Cable harness and wire harness assemblies are used in industrial control, medical, telecommunication, military and many other industrial applications.

Well, a cable harness assembly is a group of 2 or more wires. While the wire harness is a basic exterior coating which covers the smaller wires and cables inside. Ultimately, it is a protective outer layer to cover up cables and wires.


UL Certified cable assemblies and wire harness assemblies are necessary to identify that product as globally safe to use. It is must and necessary for consumer safety before any installation of cable assemblies and wire harness assemblies.

We are exporting wire harness assemblies and cable harness assemblies in USA, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.), UK, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Our standard lead time may vary from 24 hours to 1 week. It will depend on many factors including custom requirements, complexity of product, quantity of products, where to deliver, etc.
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You can use Cable Harness Assembly quote request form and submit information. Alternatively, you can email us BOM and Gerber files along with information of Cable Harness Assembly volume and type of Cable Harness Assembly testing requirements you might have on or call us on 714/630-9200 in case any other clarification is required in respect to our Cable Harness PCB services.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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