Metal Core PCB

A metal core PCB, also called a thermal PCB or MCPCB, differs from the traditional FR4 printed circuit boards in that it incorporates a metal material as its base. With a thermally conductive dielectric layer, the prepreg dielectric ensures that heat is transferred to the base plate. The base plate, usually made of aluminum or copper, in turn, offers mechanical integrity while transferring the heat to the mounting surface or to the air.

Metal core PCB ensures:

  • Proper thermal management
  • Improved product reliability
  • Improved mechanical durability

At Technotronix, we have been manufacturing metal core printed circuit boards for several industries. Our state-of-the-art facility along with our commitment to quality ensures that what you get are high-quality metal core PCBs that work well to dissipate heat.

Capabilities in Metal Core PCB

  • Aluminium, Copper as base material
  • Single Layer, Chip-on-board, Double Sided, Double Layered and Custom Metal Core PCB
Our Custom Metal Core PCB, in turn come with the following capabilities:
Capability Standard
Base material: Aluminum, Copper
Thermal Conductivity (dielectrial layer): 0.8, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 w/m. k
Board Thickness: 0.5mm~3.0mm (0.02″~0.12″)
Copper thickness: 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 3oz, up to 6 oz
Outline: Routing, punching, V-Cut
Solder mask: White/Black/ Blue/Green/Red Oil
Legend/ Silkscreen Color: Black/White
Surface finish: Immersion Gold, HASL, OSP


The most important benefit of metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCB) is their ability to dissipate heat. With miniaturization becoming the order of the day and the constant expansion of component density, gradual increase of heat flow density is a reality.

The traditional thermal dissipation methods are not able to meet the demands of high-tech circuit boards, therefore necessitating a new kind of solution. PCB Metal Core ensures that components are not overheated. This helps in optimizing performance as also increasing the lifespan of its components.

In addition, typically where aluminum core PCB used, some of the other advantages include:

  • They help with higher levels of heat transfer. Also, they act as a heat sink for the design while allowing different components of the design to be interconnected.
  • Aluminum PCBs are a less expensive alternative.
  • Being non-toxic and recyclable, aluminium comes with its environment friendly benefits.
  • Being sturdy, it also reduces the possibility of accidental breakages.
  • It is lightweight and adds strength and resilience.


Metal Core PCBs find a wide variety of applications especially in the LED industry. Some of the applications include:

Metal Core PCB

LEDs and High-Power Light-Emitting Diodes

PCB Metal Core

Desktop and Notebook Computer Backlight LCD displays

MCPCB Manufacturer

Street Lights


Medical and Industrial Monitoring System

Metal Core Printed Circuit Board

Power Convertors

Multilayer Metal Core PCB

Motor Control Applications

Metal Core PCB Manufacturer

Audio Devices

Metal Core Printed Circuit Board


Led MCPCB Manufacturer

Surgical lighting tools


High power scanning technology, and more

Essentially then the application of Metal Core PCB spans several industries including but not limited to telecommunications, automotive, office automation, medical, consumer and more.


We have over 4 decades of experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art metal core printed circuit boards and have the industrial knowledge to make us a go-to PCB partner. Our strength lies in our team of experts who are equipped with industry best practices and thus they provide great support in manufacturing custom metal PCBs to your exact requirements.

The fact that all our metal PCBs undergo stringent quality checks means that you can rest assured of the finest quality products which comply with the highest PCB industrial standards.

The big advantage that we offer is also that we offer quick turnaround time. This, in turn, helps to give a boost to your go-to-market plan and offers you a huge competitive advantage. Our vast network of component suppliers also ensures we offer the most cost-effective prices.

Whether your requirement is metal core PCB prototypes or large production runs, you can count on our metal core circuit board services, knowing that the volume will not come in the way of quality. We are also fully equipped to offer you turnkey metal core PCB manufacturing services that allow you to focus on your core business and allow us to take on the entire end-to-end work.

Reach out to us with your bespoke requirements and allow us to offer you custom quotes.


A Metal Core Printed Circuit Board also known as a thermal PCB or metal backed PCB, is a type of PCB that has a metal material as its base to help dissipate heat.

The biggest difference between the two lies in terms of thermal conductivity. While MCPCB has higher thermal conductivity, ranging from 1.0W-4.0W, FR4 PCB has low thermal conductivity, usually around 0.3W.

The most important benefit of metal core printed circuit board is its ability to dissipate heat. With components that aren’t overheated, performance is optimized.

We are equipped to offer Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Stainless steel, and Iron Alloy as base material.

The metal core is not enough to heat transfer, there is an insulated conductor between copper layers & Metal core, we call it dielectric layer.

We offer Immersion Gold, HASL and OSP surface finish & also offer custom finishing for metal core circuit boards.

Yes, we are fully equipped to provide metal core PCB prototypes, as also large production runs.

Yes absolutely. Our turnkey services ensure that you can focus on your core business while we deal with end-to-end metal core PCB production.

Totally. Share your requirements with us and our PCB experts can help you with your needs.

Most certainly! We offer quick lead time, so you have a huge competitive advantage.
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PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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