Flying Probe Test

A Flying Probe Test refers to an automated system that has a small number of probes. These "fly" around the top and bottom of a PCB simultaneously. Based on the instructions in a program for testing a particular board, the flying probe moves from one test point to the other.

When it comes to increased test speed, improved access and greater fault coverage, PCB flying probe testing is increasingly preferred. Unlike ICT, it does not require any costly test fixtures. Not only it saves on cost but it also allows for design changes with simple changes in test program. The other advantage that PCB Flying Probe Testing offers is that it can undertake power up testing by injecting signals at some points on the board and checking the output at some other points.

In devices where board real estate is extremely valuable, it can use the vias on the board as embedded test points, thereby reducing the need of test points.

Additionally, Flying Probe testing works extremely well for low-volume and prototype circuit boards since it offers ease of use in programming. With low volume production runs not justifying the cost of bed-of-nails in-circuit testing, Flying Probe test is an extremely viable alternative.

Capabilities In Flying Probe Testing

At Technotronix, our Flying Probe PCB Test services include:

  • Simple optical tests.
  • Probing onto a minimum contact pad of 80 microns.
  • AOI camera for presence, polarity, letter and go.
  • LED functional testing with color and intensity test.
  • Vector less test IC-opens.
  • Extra power-up testing, where needed.

Benefits of Flying Probe Testing

  • A big benefit of Flying Probe Testing is that the up-front investment is much lower than that of an ICT since there is no extra cost associated with fixtures.
  • It has minimal programming time.
  • It allows for testing prototypes and low volume runs easily.
  • Ensures quick time to market.
  • Cuts debug time as it is an easy way to detect shorts, opens, missing components, wrong polarities and more.
  • It does not need any extra DFM or data messaging efforts.
  • It is extremely accurate.
  • It works well for testing double-sided boards.

Application of Flying Probe Testing

Flying probe testing is suitable to test:

  • Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Inductance
  • Opens
  • Shorts
  • Diode checks, and more.

Additionally, PCB flying probe test works well for low-volume builds. It is also recommended if you are not going to order a functional test after the visual test.

How Technotronix can help you with PCB flying probe test?

At Technotronix, we have over 4 decades of experience when it comes to fabricating and assembling a wide variety of PCBs. Our customers across industry verticals rely on us to make superior PCBs available.

When it comes to using robust testing methodologies, we ensure that you do not have to deal with costly errors. Our fast turnaround flying probe tests are particularly suited for prototypes and low volume production. You can count on us for:

  • Our expert engineers
  • Extensive test coverage
  • Statistical analysis, and more.

Our expert team will work with you to determine the best fit for your particular project. Depending on the specifics of your design as well as the quantity of your order, we will help you select the most efficient testing method.

When you join hands with us you also get access to a rich body of industry best practices that give you an edge. Additionally, you can rest assured that the board will be delivered to you in accordance with the design files. You can therefore proceed straight towards assembling the boards.

At Technotronix, we ensure that the integrity of your boards is kept intact! You can also count on us to offer quick turnaround times that help you go-to-market early.

All you need to do is to get in touch with our team and share your bespoke requirements. You can rest assured that you will get an extremely competitive quote.

Flying Probe Testing FAQs

This is on account of a number of reasons. Importantly it is extremely cost-effective and offers high-test speed. It is suited for low-volume runs. It can also use the vias on the board as embedded test points, thereby reducing the need of test points. In times where miniaturization is key, this is an important advantage.

The run time can vary between 5-15 minutes depending on board size. In case you have a very large board, the testing can take up to 30 minutes.

Yes, absolutely. While an AOI can verify that the parts are placed correctly on the board, the Flying Probe test can complement this by measuring accuracy.

Flying probe test works particularly well for low volume builds.

The probes are able to make precision connections at a tighter pitch as opposed to ICT. Flying Probe Test offers an electrical test pitch of 0.1mm, compared to the standard ICT’s 0.5mm pitch. This allows for greater coverage on small as well as High Density PCBs.

There is no exaggeration when we say that we offer robust customer support with our team hand holding you, every step of the way.

We have over 4 decades of experience in dealing with different aspects of PCBs. Our state-of-the-art equipment and team of experts offer significant advantages. Whether you are looking at fabrication, testing or assembly, we offer quality services.

Above everything, a large portfolio of satisfied clients stands as the biggest testimony to our success.

Please feel free to Request a quick quote for any kind of requirements that you may have. Alternately, you can also get in touch with us at 714/630-9200, 714/630-9207, or write in to us at [email protected].
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