Electromechanical Assembly

Electromechanical Assembly

Technotronix has an extensive year of combined experience in offering electromechanical assembly by fine fusion of flex circuit assembly, surface mount technology and stringent PCB testing methods with a team of highly skilled technicians, Quality analyst and PCB researchers that have also brought new innovations in simple as well as complex Mechatronics. Electromechanical assemblies utilize mechanical power devices to perform ample operations like power generation, controlling systems, and other mechanical tasks that work on high voltage systems.

Our niches of expertise enlist successful precision mechanical assembly assignments from various sectors that include medical, marine, transportation, telecommunication, renewable energy and many more. Robotics and similar fields require electromechanical assembly on a large scale, where electronic components run all the mechanical devices.

Be it box builds, cable harness assembly, optical assemblies, rapid prototyping, power panel assemblies, luminaries, medical mechanism or any type mechatronics assignment, we are equipped with upgraded technology for the long run and short run electromechanical assembly.

If you want to get the fastest electromechanical assembly service, you can choose us as the best engineers to develop or manufacture your required products.

Our team of experts can manufacture the best printed circuit board designs to interact with the company's operations and provide a smooth process. Electromechanical assembly consists of several types like equipment containing control panels, programmable logic controller devices, motor, compressor, and other crucial devices, that develops a system to understand the operation in the form of a digital or analog system.

Technotronix offers you a wide range of expert electromechanical assembly services. If you are keen to get electromechanical assembly services, Technotronix is here to understand all your needs and provide solution to be the best fit for your organization. As one of the reliable PCB manufacturing experts, we take an extra step to reach out to your exact PCB requirements, high quality standards and strong customer support service to provide quick turnarounds and on-time delivery to our customers.

Electromechanical Assembly Service Capabilities

Capability Service
Design Assistance The designers will assist you with the PCB prototypes, costs, techniques and let you understand every crucial detail about electromechanical assembly services.
Part Procurement Part procurement with inventory management and billing activities handled by best vendors and suppliers.
Prototype and production Our team will go with functional tests to run on a large scale and provide the finest operating services.
Low to Large Quantity Production From small businesses to large organizations, Technotronix provides expert PCB solutions to clients.
Subsystem assembly & Complete Assembly Our experts offer overall complete assembly with smaller subsets that have motor wiring, board interconnections, and others.
Time bounded assembly The team can prepare fast assemblies within time delivery capabilities.
Standards Technotronix contains all the related certifications we got after proving our quality standards in custom electromechanical assembly.

With the above services, you can rest assured that your BGA PCBs will be restored to their original performance levels.

Adding more value to our capabilities in electromechanical assembly
In house cable assembly
High quality and Cost effective material procurement with fetching RoHS compliance
Having an ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 Rev. D Certified
Rapid prototyping
Well defined testing and investigation methods for electromechanical assembly
High tech R&D unit

Benefits of Electromechanical Assembly Service

Electromechanical assembly is a need for every service sector, whether they are running an organization or a simple gadget. Every gadget is now the compilation of electronic and mechanical assemblies, which is giving a rise to multiple operations for mankind. You can get a complete mechanism of any devices by assembling their components.
The electromechanical assembly has ample benefits that can take your organizational tasks to the next level.

Electromechanical Assembly Companies

Circuit Board Prototypes

The prototype is a crucial part of the electromechanical assembly that can prepare a blueprint for the device for your organization. When you get the prototype for it, you can figure out the device's performance without even starting the construction process.

The electronic manufacturing service team will provide you all the solutions regarding electromechanical assembly services and create the prototypes. Also, you can get the safety features of the devices by using the prototype system.

Electromechanical Assembly Service

Complete support related to engineering and designs

Custom Electromechanical assembly can develop some effective solutions for businesses to give the best need for Electromechanical devices. The integration of basic designs using AutoCAD, 3D modeling, and other similar services can help you understand the devices' methodology for smooth operations.

PCB Turnkey Assembly

Inside Components

Different appliances or devices need custom electromechanical assembly services for smoothen their task. The designers compile different complex circuitry into single and give it a form of electromechanical assembly.

When the experts start the assembly process, they do research to make it effective and operable in every task for the company. They perform the fabrication and soldering process to attach ample components in the circuit and prepare the best custom electromechanical assembly. The multiple components compilation is crucial to enhance the electromechanical devices' productivity to operate multiple things on a single device.

Electromechanical Assembly Process and Techniques

When Technotronix starts the assembly process of electromechanical components, the most crucial part of the assembly process is PCB designs and operations. We prepare effective printed circuit boards and give our clients a complete solution related to electromechanical assemblies.
The electromechanical assemblies have multiple track systems that create a complete circuit and help them to operate effectively.

Offer a 3D model to get knowledge of the NPI

You can get a 3D model based on the designs to install into your organization, which you can use for effective PCB models. This technique will not just save time, but it will give you an enhanced components quality. The software available can give you ample solutions related to the electromechanical assembly process.

Implementation of adequate tests to assure quality

After completing the electromechanical assembly, our experts check the components effectively and run some functional tests to analyze the performance. It will ensure the quality of the wires and components used in the devices and prepare some of the best strategies to implement electromechanical devices' robust production.

Why Choose Technotronix as your partner in Electromechanical service?

Technotronix is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D certified company that follows all the standards in the electromechanical assembly process. These certifications are the mark of our excellence that we provide to our clients globally. Technotronix is the solution for your investment in electromechanical devices, where you can get experts providing effective electromechanical solutions to perform multiple tasks.

We give you pennyworth electromechanical solutions for your organization. Our experts are time-bound to give you the fastest delivery for the orders you place.

Electromechanical Assembly FAQs

Electromechanical assembly is a combination of electronic and mechanical components, parts in a single package.

Yes, you are free to choose the quantity as per the requirements.

We offer extensive range of electromechanical assembly including electromechanical cable assemblies, box builds, subassemblies, front panel assemblies, simple enclosure assemblies, din rail assemblies, power supply assemblies and more.

We use various electromechanical assembly techniques based on requirements; including 3D CAD modelling packages, robust test strategy, set up inspection room, organize purchasing team into clear commodity groups and more.


Generally, our lead time varies from 4 to 7 days.

As a leading manufacturer, we regularly providing electromechanical assembly services in various industrial sectors including consumer electronics, manufacturing, LED, automotive, medical, telecommunication and more.

To get a quick quote for Electromechanical assembly, all you need to fill up electromechanical assembly quote form and submit it. You can request a quote via [email protected] as well.
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Do you have any electromechanical assembly services requirements? Request a free Electromechanical PCB assembly quote. Alternatively, email BoM, Gerber files, and other required details at [email protected] or call us 714/630-9200.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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