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At Technotronix, we pride ourselves for delivering consistent quality of PCB assembly. We are dedicated to ensure precision and reliability with full audit. Quality is at the heart of everything we do and we are consistently working to improve the standard & overall process of delivering PCB assembly services to our clients. Our state-of-art facility, latest PCB technology, PCB assembly equipment and machinery enable us to achieve higher customer satisfaction for our services.

Our state-of-art PCB assembly manufacturing facility includes various type of manufacturing equipment, rework station, soldering system, PCB assembly equipment, testing equipment, pick and place machine, stencil printer, X-ray machine, automated inspection tool and many more PCB equipment for overall printed circuit board assembly process.

Take a quick look at some of circuit board assembly capabilities and PCB equipment:

Ekra Serio 4000 Compact Stencil Printer

  • We have utilized Ekra Serio 4000 Compact Stencil Printer to accept any SMT Challenges. It is a new generation of inline printing system with up-to-date hardware technology and SIMPLEX intuitive User interface.
  • It is manufactured with high quality and innovative German engineering. The PCB manufacturer who doesn’t want to compromise on flexibility and performance can adopt this.
  • The main USP of Ekra Serio 4000 Compact stencil printer is it has automatic stencil loader which can help us for quick product introduction within less than 2 minutes.
  • It provides 100% scalable solution and ready for the future.
  • The main advantages of Serio 4000 are extended print format (Max. 610 x 510 mm), Standard underside cleaning system included with iROCS light and iROCS, larger paper roll (17m); paste height control (3 level), paste dispenser (dispensing during print, no loss of cycle time), Closed loop to SPI (For automated monitoring and correction) and Set up control (Alternative selectable, selectable sequence / Free to choose).
  • It provides highest accuracy to fulfil future production and PCB assembly requirements.
  • It allows self-heating which can reduced to minimum; It has easy to access components.
  • Ekra Serio 4000 compact stencil printer provides long term reliability and it is easy to maintain.
Ekra Serio

Jade PRO

  • The Jade PRO is an Ultra Flexible, offline, multi-platform selective soldering system. It meets the demands of small batch manufacturers like us who requires high level of production flexibility.
  • The Jade PRO effectively provides the ability to regularly change solder alloys without expensive down time, although the solder bath cools own and heats up during regular manual changeover process.
  • The Jade PRO is a hand load system, integrated a universally adjustable tooling carrier which is efficient to accommodate printed circuit boards or pallets up to 457 x 508mm.
  • The Jade PRO Selective Soldering system is built with twin adjacent solder baths on independent Z axis drives.
  • It will benefit in increasing flexibility in production by permitting use of two different nozzle tip sizes which can be allocated as process requirements dictate within any particular area on printed circuit boards.
  • The Jade PRO series is controlled by a PC, through PillarCOMM, a Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface with a PCB image display.
  • Additionally, Jade Pro’s PillarPAD offline programming package allows the operator to produce programs independently from the machine using Gerber data.
Jade Pro

  • DC servo drives
  • Integral PC and machine mounted TFT monitor Inerted Nitrogen system
  • Auto motorized wire solder feed & level detect Solder bath coding - identifies correct bath for program Drop-Jet fluxer
  • Manual fiducial correction system
  • Solder wave height measurement and correction Process viewing camera(s)
  • Multilevel password protection
  • Light stack
  • Six AP style solder nozzle tips
  • Internal fume extraction
  • Colour programming camera
  • PillarPAD offline programming system
  • Universally adjustable tooling carrier
  • Thermal nozzle calibration system using integrated setting camera - requires manual correction PillarCOMM Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface Lead-free compatible
  • Day-to-day service kit

  • Side mounted auto bath changeover - PLUS configuration Top-side instant IR preheat.
  • Bottom-side slide in / out instant IR preheat
  • Closed loop pyrometer temperature control
  • Bottom-side hot Nitrogen selective preheat
  • Automatic fiducial correction
  • Ultrasonic fluxing
  • Dual Drop-Jet / ultrasonic fluxing
  • Laser PCB warp correction
  • Twin solder bath capability on independent Z axis Micro nozzle assembly
  • Large solder bath for dedicated single dip applications Solder bath removal trolley
  • Solder reel identification
  • Larger PCB handling size

  • Flux presence sensor - thermistor style
  • Flux spray, flow and spray & flow
  • Pump rpm
  • O2 ppm
  • Nitrogen flow

MYDATA MY200 Series Pick and Place Machine

  • MYDATA MY200 Series Pick and Place Machine is a high-speed placement machine used in manufacturing of printed circuit boards and assemblies.
  • MY200 Series Pick and Place Machine is built with new and advanced technologies to provide PCB manufacturers higher throughput, accuracy and improved line utilization.
  • MY200 is a blend advantage of high mix thinking into a flexible, fully integrated solution that works at virtually any volume.
  • High Performance component inspection and positioning system – Linescan Vision System 3 and a new high-speed mount head are the major improvements.
  • MYDATA MY200 Series Pick and Place Machine us known as a solution for every production scenario.
  • MY200 featured a LINESCAN Camera which help to boost the speed. The new vision system provides a positive impact on printed circuit board production by integrating most advanced vision technologies into one unit.
  • The LVS3 combines the advanced programmable illumination of the Dual Vision System with the well-known image quality and speed of Linescan camera.
  • This powerful blend improves capabilities for high-speed, on-the-fly inspection and alignment of complex components.
  • Additionally, The MY200 machines are equipped with a new HYDRA 4 Mount head which is twice as accurate as compare with previous HYDRA Mount heads.
  • The MYDATA MY200 Series Pick and Place machine is versatile and easily upgradable.
Mydata Series Pick

MYDATA MY300 Pick and Place Machine

  • The MY300 Pick and Place Machine from Mycronic is top of the line when it comes to precision, flexibility and production speed.
  • MY300 is known as the Worlds most sophisticated pick and place machine. If you want to get more jobs done in less space; Then Mycronic’s MY300 pick and place machine is best option for you. It can also help you to switch effortlessly from full volume to batch size one.
  • The prime benefits of MY300 are Agilis feeder technology, precise material handling and strong software suite.
  • The most adaptable pick and place solution help you to efficiently handle material and information to produce per day.
  • The machine combines innovative feeder technology and automatic storage with full material tracking and paperless operator guidance; so that it can ensure that the correct material loaded into the machine with fewer human efforts.
  • Mycronic’s powerful and user-friendly software suite ensures the access to accurate and up-to-date information.
Mydata Series Place

Ekra Stencil Printer

Semi-automatic screen and stencil printer has been made for printing of a large variety of flexible and rigid substrates for applications with small to medium size production volumes, R&D as well as prototyping purposes. The maximum print format is 460 x 460 mm (18 x 18 inches) and the thickness of the substrate can go up to 30 mm (1,2 inches). The standard EKRA screen and stencil holder has a flexible layout which allows it to be used with all common stencils / screens up to 740 x 740 mm (29 x 29 inch) without use of an additional adapter. For a convenient substrate alignment, We have manual positioning system MOPS. The substrate is then manually aligned using high resolution cameras for reliable recognition of fiducials or other layout features. The easy to use Microsoft Windows based software allows for storage of all process relevant data. This process relevant data can easily be recalled again for quickest product changeovers. The machine is equipped with a flat print table and allows different kinds of printing adapters or clamping devices to be used. An automatic stencil cleaning system is optionally available as well.

Ekra Stencil Printer
  • Alignment accuracy: 10 um
  • Large variety of flexible and rigid substrates up to 460 x 460 mm can be printed
  • Flexible screen and stencil holder for all common screen/stencil sizes up to 740 x 740 mm (29 x 29 inch) without additional adapter.
  • Motor driven print table with high repeatability
  • Simple operation of the machine with easy to use MS-Windows based software.
  • All process relevant data can be stored
  • Quickest product changeover
  • Large variety of additional options can be integrated and are available upon request
Ekra Stencil Printer Big

Heller Reflow Soldering Systems

The 1800EXL supports high-speed, high volume throughput at speeds up to 40 inches (one meter) per minute while conserving valuable factory floor space. Rapid response times and precise temperature controls assure process uniformity, regardless of component density or board loading, with identical profile performance in either air or nitrogen. The oven features an enlarged heating tunnel and baffle-free layout for 25% higher airflow, for six-sigma consistency, zone-to-zone and oven-to-oven, enhanced temperature uniformity, repeatability and highload handling. The 1800 EXL is a streamline oven with even more advanced features including a five-thermocouple board profiling and process parameter logging capability with the capacity to store up to 500 temperature recipes and 500 profile graphs.

  • Computer-controlled automatic lubrication system for "hands-off" maintenance
  • Easy-clean flux filtration system with disposable filter: can be removed and replaced while oven is running for "pit-stop" maintenance with no downtime and no change in oven PPM levels
  • Six-sigma reliability for the most demanding production environments
  • Flux filtration system removes up to 95% of flux from the atmosphere - processing boards in a flux-free environment
  • Rapid profiling changes plus fast warm-up and cool-down
  • Wide process window for "universal profiling"- allows many different boards to be run on single temperature profile
Heller Reflow Soldering Systems

Wave solder machine

Automatic wave solder system with proven performance, self-contained fluxing, preheating and laminar (smooth) solder wave modules. Decrease labor costs by significantly reducing hand soldering.

The Spartan 12S (Single wave) and 12D (dual wave) solder machines can process printed circuit board assemblies up to 12" wide and require very little solder for their size. The single or dual wave soldering systems come complete with Conveyor, Foam Fluxer with Integral Air Compressor, Preheaters, and Stainless Steel Solder Pot with drain valve, and compact microprocessor Controller.

Wave solder machine

BGA Rework Station AH-6810

  • High-precision K-type thermocouple with closed loop control, automatic temperature compensation system, combined with Panasonic PLC and highly sensitive temperature module for the precise temperature control, the temperature error controlled within 2 degree; The external 4-5 sensors can detect temperature precisely, analyze and calibrate the real temperature curve accurately;
  • Mounting, welding and dewelding process are intelligent controlled and work automatically; BGA mounting position is controlled accurately; after finishing desoldering and soldering with a double over-temperature protection, there is alarming. When temperature goes out of control, the circuit w automatically power off;
  • Powerful cross-flow fan to cool the PCB board automatically after desoldering and soldering, it can prevent the deformation of PCB board to ensure the welding effect;
  • This machine is equipped with pressure and optical sensors. to control the pressure in 3-10 grams and optical switches, so that it can automatically recognize the suction chip and mounting height, to ensure not crush BGA chip; It can repair Socket775 and double BGA / CGA / IC and various shielding devices, meet the requirement of lead-free process.
BGA Rework Station
As a leading printed circuit board manufacturer in California, USA; We have ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100 Rev. D certified quality management system and comply to strict high-quality standards. We use RoHS compliant printed circuit board material based on client request.
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PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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