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How to Get a Cable Harness Assembly Quote?

Whether you require layout or assembly of custom and complex cable and wire assemblies; we can fulfil your requirements! To acquire a cable harness quote; we require some detailed information in order to provide you with a cost and timeline. The more information you provide specifically; the faster we can provide the cable harness quote. To make it easier for you; we have created a user-friendly cable harness assembly quote form where you just need to enter the specific information about your requirements. It is divided into three sections – Personal Details, Cable Harness Quote and Additional Information.

Personal Details:

  • In the first section; There are some information about you, company name, location, phone number and other details you would need to submit.

Cable Harness Quote

  • In the section of Cable Harness Quote; Provide the name of your project or program.
  • Select the description of the cable harness project from Build to Print, Layout a Sketch or Layout to a Specification & submit it.
  • Choose and select the option of the intended working environment of the interconnect layout from Shipboard, Space, Airframe, Ground Support, Missile Defense or any other.
  • Select and enter the option of Project purpose from New Layout, Improve Layout, Cost Reduction or Lead Time Reduction.
  • If your project is purposed to Improve the Layout; then select the best option from smaller, lighter, Sealed, Higher Temperature, More Flexible, NBCCS or EMI/EMP & enter it.
  • If you want an ITAR Restricted cable harness or wire harness assembly quote; please select Yes.
  • In case if you have any specific files, BOM (Bill of Material) for cable harness quote, drawings or dimensions; Please choose the file and submit it. You can add multiple files by selecting “Add More”.
  • Additionally, we have given the comment box to describe the overall make-up of the cable and harness quote, including connectors, wire numbers and types (Drawings, sketches, parts list or BOM preferred).

Additional Information

  • Enter the information about the initial quantity and potential long-term quantity.
  • Enter the information about First Article Requirements and Quality requirements.
  • Also, provide the information about the required delivery time of your cable harness quote.
  • Choose and enter the qualification test requirements for your cable and harness quote from Analysis, Similarity or Test. In case if you have a requirement for Lot acceptance tests; Please enter the information about it.
  • If you have any Terms and Conditions related to your cable harness quote; please enter them.
  • If you have any comments for additional layout considerations for cable harness quote which will assist our engineers in bidding on this project; please enter it & submit the cable harness quote form.

After receiving information about your cable harness quote or order; We will reach you through email or a call if there are any questions on your file or with your cable harness quote. We will back to you with a quote once we clear & move forward with the production of the cable harness!

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