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(base on Gerber file)

(It's recommended to put all files in one zip file. File size limit is 20MB.)
(Preferably in Gerber RS-274X, or 274D, or AutoCAD DXF, DWG formats attach here as zip.)
(It's recommended to put all files in one zip file. File size limit is 20MB.)

Board Technical Specification

Copper Weight:

1 oz (Top side/Bottom side)

Min. holes Size:
Bevel Angle Beside Gold Fingers:

Advance Information

Solder Mask

(Covered if processing need)

Special holes

Impedance Control



Layer Information

Layer NO. Copper Weight Core Thickness(mm) File Name Upload File
1 oz(finished) L1 / L2
2 oz(finished)
Paneling parameters Options

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  • * Need Gerber files to for accurate quote and production

How to Get a Turnkey PCB Assembly Quote?

We have created an user-friendly turnkey PCB assembly quote form. It will lead you to get a quick turnkey PCB assembly quote for full production of printed circuit board assemblies from parts procurement, manufacturing, assembly, box build, prototype, delivery & more. The turnkey PCB assembly quote form is divided into 6 different section. You just need to fill out the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Personal Details:

  • There are certain information of you, your company, location, and other details you would require to submit.

Order Information:

  • It is the most important section to enter your details precisely as we require accurate information to fulfil your turnkey PCB assembly quote requirements. First of all, Enter your project name.
  • Enter the dimension of printed circuit boards or panel boards based on the Gerber file. Submit the quantity details.
  • Please select and upload the Gerber File, Design File and BOM File for your turnkey PCB assembly quote. In case if there is any comment on Gerber File; You can also specify it.

Board Technical Specification:

  • In this section, Enter the technical specifications about your requirement including number of layers whether you require single layer, double layer or multi-layer turnkey PCB assembly.
  • Submit the other specific details about your turnkey PCB assembly including Finished Thickness, Min Holes Size, Min. Trace/space, Number Holes, Gold Fingers Number and more.
  • Select the type of material from FR-4, FR4 RoHS TG170, FR-1, CEM 1, CEM3, ROGERS, Aluminium or any other.
  • Additionally, Select the solder mask whether you require on top side, bottom side or double side. Also, Select the LPI color from Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue or other.
  • Select the Pads Finishing from available options of OSP, HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Lead Free HASL, Immersion Silver and Soldering Flux.
  • At last, enter the details about bevel angle besides the gold fingers.

Advance Information:

  • In Advance Information section, We are asking about some extra information about your turnkey PCB assembly quote such as Solder Mask, Impedance Control and about testing.
  • Select and enter whether your turnkey PCB assemblies require glossy or matte solder mask type. Also, Enter the details about solder mask vias from Covered, Plug or Open.
  • Select and enter the silk screen color from Green, Black, Red or any other.
  • Submit the details about some special holes information including Counter Sinke, Counter Bore and Annular Ring.
  • Select the checkbox if you want impedance control.
  • Additionally, The most important part of turnkey PCB assembly is Testing. Select the preferred testing method from Flying Probe or Nail bed. Enter the detail about Test Points, Molding Mode.

Layer Information:

  • Enter the Layer Information including Core Thickness, File Name and Select the file and submit it.
  • Select the best suited Panelling Parameter Option from Panel In Gerber Files or Require Panelize (Single Board In File) or in case if you want to Make Individually.

Additional Information:

  • Last section is about additional information; there is an option of comment box; in case if you need to mention any special request or comments in regards to turnkey PCB assembly quote; feel free to add those comments; Enter correct captcha code and submit turnkey PCB assembly service quote form.

After these information received for your turnkey PCB assembly quote or order; We will reach you through email or a call if there’s any questions on your file or with your turnkey PCB assembly quote. We will back to you with a quote once we clear & move forward for the production of turnkey printed circuit board assemblies!

Any Questions about turnkey PCB assembly quote? Feel Free to reach us via [email protected] or 714/630-9200.


PCB Assembled in 24 hours

Best Turn around time for Prototype PCB assembly.
Kitted and Turn-Key option as per customers requirement.


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