The Top Reasons Why Medical Cable Assemblies Should be Selected Carefully

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The medical industry is a very sensitive field and needs you to be very careful when dealing with it. A small mistake can even pay back hundredfold dangers than you can imagine. Failure in functioning or delaying work can cause a major risk of health injury in patients. To avoid such mistakes, every device and medical equipment needs to work properly.

Cable assembly plays an important role in the safety and security of medical applications. So, at the time of manufacturing, you need to carefully choose the Medical Cable Assembly for the best results in the healthcare appliances.

As you can notice, it is a crucial decision to choose. In the article, we discussed the important features you have to look at during the time of choosing medical cable and wire harness assembly.

Top Points you must consider during Medical Cable Assembly Selection:

As many aspects are dependent on your decision during the time of selection of cable assembly manufacturer, it seems a lot of pressure on your decision. Several factors you have to notice, some of these are mentioned below –

The durability of the Assembly:

Durability is a concern to consider. The stability of the medical equipment directly affects the potential of the service. Sometimes the device may be carelessly handled by the medical team or patient, but the equipment has to have such potential to withstand such resistance.

In some adverse environments also, the device needs to function appropriately to provide the treatment to the patient uninterruptedly. Any delayed function or malfunction may cost the life of patients.

It is not only durable, but long-lasting equipment is also economically effective as it has less chance of functional error, which means less repairing cost.

Signal continuity:

It means the capability of providing an uninterrupted, steady, accurate power supply of the Assembly. The importance of signal integrity in the medical field is precious because of the frequent use of emergency healthcare services. If there is an impaired condition on electricity, that may cause a serious issue in a crisis.


There are mainly two types of cables assemblies, one single-use and the other is disposable, reusable cable. Reusable cable is much preferable because it is cost-effective. The cable used in the disposable cable can tolerate the effect of sterilization which is done to make the hospital room germ-free. Sterilizer may be chemical or autoclave, but the cable must have the potential to withstand it.

An authentic reusable cable assembly is made up of such materials that can sustain the sterilization process. Reusable cable is purchased in many numbers; that’s why the price per cable becomes reduced.

Quality of the cable:

Good quality material is always preferable. A promising medical cable wire assembly components contain –

  • Conductor: It contains metal that transmits the electrical signal through the wire to the medical equipment.
  • Insulator: That contains some polymers compounds that resist the leakage of electricity from equipment to prevent short circuits.
  • Jacket: It helps the inner components to stay under the outer shell by covering it. It made the device easy to handle while the sterilization process became easy during the sterilization process.


The cable must be the features to adopt any environmental situation. In need, the circumstances may change, but the cable has to do its wonder at any conditions.

The reason behind the careful selection of the medical cable assembly:

  • First, the medical field deals with human life, so anything concerned with health must be considered with keen observation. In the case of medical cable assembly also the rule must apply. There is no room for mistakes in this medical care, knowingly or unknowingly, as we have to make the equipment as error-free as possible.
  • Any error in the medical equipment can instantly cause deterioration of the patient’s health, which is against the oath of any health care professionals. And if anything happens to the patient, the finger of the allegation always tends to rise to the health care professionals.
  • Not only patients, default in equipment like a short circuit can cause mishaps to medical staff also. Anyone who handles technically defeated equipment is prone to an injury to any extent.
  • Good cable assembly leads to good health care services, which increases the brand value of your hospitality.
  • Any accident badly affects the reputation of your service because no one tries to compromise on their near and dear one’s health.
  • A frequent fault in medical equipment services also impacts the expense of the service because of the number of times it rips into more abundance in the requirements of the repair of the device.
  • Default service related to the hamper in the continuity in the services. If the device gets defective from time to time, the regular care gets interrupted.

So, as you learn from the above discussion, the patient’s well-being admitted under the medical services is directly dependent on the functioning of the equipment used. The functioning of the device is conditional on the working potential of the medical cable and harness assembly.

Before using the medical cable assembly:

  • Examine it properly.
  • Investigate its working capability.
  • Testify that it doesn’t harm anyone by any means who handle it or on whom these are applied directly or indirectly.

TechnoTronix excels in providing PCB assembly solutions to medical industry. With over 4 decades of industry experience and rich knowledge, little surprise then that TechnoTronix has emerged as a preferred partner of choice across industries including the Medical PCB Assembly.

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The Complete Guide on Aerospace Electronics PCB Assembly & Design

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There is extraordinarily little room for mistakes in the Aerospace mechanism because if any fault happens in space, it is too far for scientists to reach for its retrieval. And as most aerospace machines are electronic devices, some extra attention you have to put in to ensure the efficiency of the PCB Assembly of each electrical aerospace tool.

From standard to the reliability, security in every aspect has to be ten out of ten in space-based systems. To provide that as a manufacturer, you need advanced software, evolved hardware, skilled workers, and many more things, which we discussed in this article to give you a complete guide. So, check it out to know what you need to develop PCB Assembly & Design for an aerospace electronics exceptional performance.

Basic Features of Aerospace PCB Assembly & Design:

The feature of developing an aerospace electronics PCB assembly & Design is not all similar to any simple electronic PCB, and it needs some strict requirements. Any problem in PCB causes landing problems for aerospace, signal trouble to the Control team, or even premature failure before landing. So, to make a suitable, accurate PCB, the features it requires are-


Aerospace is most of the time work in an extended period like from months to year without your direct reach like in the air or a faraway from you. So, if the PCB assembly is not efficient enough to last that much time it will be an unbelievably tough situation to handle. Even a long budget project can break down like a sandcastle due to the short-lived components.

So best to prevent such a tragic situation at the time of manufacturing by applying only the best quality, longevity components in the application. It may seem at a first cost a bit high, but ultimately it saves your fortunes which may require future replacement of the material.

Specific material selection:

The material of the PCB assembly manufacturing has to be extremely specific at the time of aerospace electronic devices. Every specific order of aerospace needs exactly suitable material to fit the need of unique contracts.

Always use high-quality materials in aerospace electronics because it is worked in an extremely sensitive aerodrome. Check everything before delivery, like is it working or not. Make sure the materials are flexible to changes. There are very frequent thermal and electrical changes that happen in space.

Bearing ability of the adverse environment:

PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) of aerospace have to withstand some adverse environmental conditions like extreme heat, outrageous radiation, or severe pressure.

As it is important to protect the outer part, at the same time, it is also very crucial to safeguard the internal device from the radical thermal surge. Because in the engine, the temperature is even more than thousands of degrees which can barely be overcome by ordinary materials. And Another cause of the hazardous environment is the rapid change of different layers of the atmosphere when launching into space as the engine is mostly made of electronic devices. Hence, the PCB’s substance also has to bear such heat.

Testing after manufacturing:

After the PCB assembly manufacturing, you have to check and double-check by thoroughly testing by following the right protocol of inspection. To assure the quality and proficiency of the product delivery, testing is especially important. Because if it fails to work in the testing period, it can be replaced, but if it ceases to function in space, there will not be any second chance to recover.

In testing, you have to primarily consider thermal testing. Vibration testing is another important testing also. Except that internal testing like security testing, quality testing also has to examine.

Risk factors:

Nothing is flawless; besides all testing and examining, there are always some risks present in every field. But in aerospace divorce, you can’t take a risk by any chance. So always tie up with this manufacturer who has good reputation certified skills and has a good public review. Always inquiries about the company before making any contract.

Some points you have to keep in mind at the time of developing aerospace devices:

Here, we are sharing some special points you have to keep in mind to develop the best aerospace device –

  • Choose only the PCB Assembly, which is the suit best according to your demand, standard.
  • Go for the manufacturer you provide updated application, software, hardware, etc.
  • Always prefer quality first. The substandard quality is the root of any failure in the future if it happens.
  • Try to choose easily available PCB components and testify to every component before final purchasing.

We hope the upper given guideline will help you in choosing the best aerospace PCB Assembly & Design and able to meet all your expectations on your dream project.

At Technotronix, we have over 4 decades of experience in providing PCB industrial solutions. We are therefore well-poised to understand the various issues than plague the industry and how robust testing can help overcome these issues. Our PCB manufacturing facilities hold extensive number of certifications and licenses to meet complete turnkey PCB aerospace solutions. For your any kind of requirements, Get a quick PCB assembly quote.

Best Long-Term Practices for Electronic Assembly Manufacturing with the Wave Soldering!

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In this rapidly growing electronic industry, innovative ideas are very important to be in the market. Wave Soldering is an important feature for the electronic assembly manufacturing to run the PCB in the long term.

Nowadays, Wave Soldering reduces to a noticeable level, but its importance is still unreplaceable in long scale PCB Assembly.

As wave soldering is an important component of PCB, in this article, we broadly discussed it so that you can grasp a good idea about its importance.

What is the wave soldering process?

Wave Soldering is the process of providing the PCB electrical second soldering through a joint to make the PCB assembly more reliable, efficient, and long-term.

The wave soldering is done by both through hole mount or surface mount processes. But the surface mount process is most commonly used in the advanced infra-red wave soldering methods.

Factor Consideration of Solder Bridging in Wave Soldering procedure:

Myriad factors have to be analyzed at the process of solder bridging in wave soldering. From the component to the design process, everything has to impose only after a thorough investigation. The factor which has to evaluate are –

Length of lead:

The lead length used in the soldering has to be medium in size, if it becomes short, it will be unable to reach the capacitor, or if it is long, it causes webbing between the pins. A perfect lead length is that which can easily transfer the heat. The best way to measure the almost exact size is by the ratio of design and PCB’s thickness.

PCB Designing Consideration:

Pin count is a factor to consider at the time of design of wave soldering in electronic assembly. For the significance bridging two or more than two-row parallel pins are the perfect number.

For fine pitch, must confirm that a large number of perpendicularly oriented pins are present that influence the connectors of the bridging to do the work efficiently.

PCB Component Consideration:

Ensure that the axial and radial component of soldering is appropriately set up. This alignment of the components helps avoid most lifting crises.

An inappropriate positioning can cause increased length and can lift the element out of place.

Tooling consideration:

An appropriate PCB orientation is very important in tooling the wave soldering. In case of good waving, the board’s angle has to be between 15-30 degrees. That helps the pin to migrate when required. And it is very useful for large pins also where the connector is almost parallel to wave soldering.

The space between wave openings and the flow channel of the pallet of soldering is very important.

The height of the side of the button of the components of the surface mount process is also an important tooling consideration. It impacts the number of pallet requirements, the capacity of the flow of soldering. The length versus width ratio is a key component of any defect in it hampered the flow of soldering and another wave deformity.

Process Consideration:

In the process, the wave length, the flow ratios between lands and lamina waves are examined. With the rise in the ratio, the component of the PCB lifted. The height of the wave is less than half of the PCB thickness to reduce the chance of turbulence flow. Not only the height ratio, other factors like the angle of the pallet, but the oscillation of the conveyor also has to be considered.

Design consideration:

For the best design of the wave soldering the copper, the layer is directly connected through a hole to the wave plate. It works for the proper flow of heat, which is good for adequate thermal relief.

The second thing to consider in design is the ratio of lead diameters with the through-hole diameter of the PCB plate. The ratio measuring 0.6 is the best for wave soldering.

Solder Void:

Soldier void is very important because any problems in it cause moisture problems in the PCB. The voids are small holes that entrap gas during soldering, which outgasses the joints because most of the PCB is moisture sensitive, and this out grass process makes the cabinet dry.

Solder Ball:

A solder ball is aimed to adhere to the wave soldering process at the point it requires. Solder ball controls the flux application. It resists the flux when its flow is high, promoting the wave when the flux is low. Thus, it controls the temperature of the Assembly also.

The Wave Soldering is recommended to the manufacturer who wants to handle a long-term Electronic Assembly. Most manufacturers don’t consider it, so it will be a good point to make a difference. With the market’s evolution, you also have to be evolved to challenge the industry and fulfil users’ demands.

Technotronix is a leading PCB Assembly company which has been operating for the last four decades. We are upgrading ourselves every day and offering the finest circuit board assembly, circuit board designs and fabrication services to our clients. We overcome every challenge that our customers can face, which helps to get perfect momentum in PCB making. The PCB designing results from Technotronix to evolve with time and easily place their place in the global PCB market.

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What Standards and Regulations utilize for Medical PCB Assembly?

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Medical PCB Assembly

The use of Printed Circuit Boards has been ubiquitous across industries. Like with other industries, PCBs are also finding extensive application in the medical industry as more and more medical research and treatment methods become technology driven. With lives of patients at stake, it goes without saying that these devices are mission critical and that stringent guidelines need to be followed when it comes to Medical PCB Prototype. Clearly there cannot be an instance where there is a malfunctioning instrument when a critical, lifesaving medical procedure is being carried out. Little surprise then that these instruments need to be manufactured to some very exacting standards.

There need to be strong protocols related to PCB design, fabrication, PCB assembly, testing and inspection. Even though medical devices are varied, and their use is widespread across functions and there need to be specific standards and regulations related to their use, here is a quick overview of the broad Medical PCB Assembly Standards and Regulations:

IPC Standards

Presently called Association Connecting Electronics, its acronym comes from its former name i.e. Institute for Printed Circuits. It is an industry body that has issued a series of standards for circuit boards. These include:

IPC-A-600: This is to do with acceptability of the circuit boards.
IPC-A-6012: This deals with the performance specifications for PCBs.
IPC-A-610: This standard is to do with acceptability of electronic assemblies. Under this, there are different standards for:

  • Harnesses
  • Soldering
  • Enclosures
  • Cables
ISO 9000: A commonly known standard, it stands for International Organization for Standardization. There are several standards under this series that are to do with quality of circuit board design, its manufacturing as well as testing. Usually, a CM is certified in one of the ISO 9000 standards, with ISO 9001 being the most common.
FDA: 21 CFR 820, introduced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is a quality system regulation, whereby with the relevant certification the medical device OEMs need to carry out their manufacturing and control processes. This then ensures that their product meets the necessary requirements.

ISO 13485: QMS for Building Medical PCBs

This is another very important standard for circuit board manufacturers. Aligned to the ISO 9000 series, this standard specifies the quality and reliability of medical products. Under this standard, the specific criterion for the manufacturer to put a documentation process and track materials is laid out. Some of the important aspects of ISO 13485 include:
  • The certification requires that all manufacturing phases are clearly documented so that products are built as per regulation
  • It also ensures that processes are in place for risk management and design control.
  • Manufacturers are also required to develop an audit system to track their own performance as far as the process goes.
  • ISO 13485 certification also means that the contract manufacturer is aware and promotes the other regulatory requirements. By doing this, it is a given that the requirement of regulatory bodies is met with.

With these standards in place, it is an assurance to regulators as well as to clients that the manufacturer is fully committed to quality and that it has the necessary systems as well as processes in place.

This of course, means that in order that your medical requirement meets the necessary regulatory standards, you need to partner with a contract manufacturer who works with these standards. If you have been looking for a contract manufacturer that offers Medical PCB Prototype that adheres to the highest standards, your search ends at Technotronix. Not only are we certified to the highest industry standards, but we also have a highly trained team that has the requisite experience and expertise when it comes to Medical Printed Circuit Board Assembly. The fact that we are also equipped with industry best practices ensures you do not need to reinvent the wheel. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you will get medical equipment that stands tall against the exacting requirements.

TechnoTronix excels in providing solutions to medical mechanism. We offer medical electronic solutions to injection Molding and packaging and complete product manufacturing per layout. With over 4 decades of industry experience and rich knowledge to boot, little surprise then that Technotronix has emerged as a preferred partner of choice across industries including the Medical Printed Circuit Board Assembly.

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