Top Techniques to reduce the cost of cable assembly manufacturing!

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Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Custom cable assemblies, an important aspect of industrial projects, are also known to add to a sizeable portion to the overall costs. Often times cable assemblies need custom designs that can be complex and cost saving therefore involves a strategic identification of opportunities.

Here are some aspects to be mindful of, to be able to optimize costs.

First things first, even before we get to the cost, it is imperative that a detailed bill of materials (BOM) be available. It is a careful analysis of this document that can lead to cost saving suggestions. Additionally, a full specifications list must be available. Once again a thorough evaluation of the specifications can suggest areas of cost optimization without impacting the quality.

What are the techniques used to reduce the cable assembly manufacturing cost?

#1. Make sure that the design isn’t over-engineered & components aren’t over specified

It is imperative to choose the right design that lends itself to ease of manufacturability as also to cost optimization.

Making the choice of the right raw materials is extremely important basis the design. Importantly, the choice should be made because of the right reasons. Sometimes the choice is made simply because of familiarity with certain components or the fact that the components are top-of-line. The fact remains that components need to be chosen based on the bespoke requirements of the project. If, for example, the cable needs to be used in an environment where the temperature is high, due attention must be paid to how high the temperatures are likely to be. Over specifying the components can significantly add to the costs without giving you any tangible benefits.

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#2. Choose the right connectors

Speaking of components, due care must be taken to choose the right connectors. For this, it is important to understand the transmission that the assembly will handle. Different types of connections require different methods, which in turn have cost implications. You need to make sure that the chosen technique works well for product quality while optimizing costs.

#3. Make the right choice of cables

Assessing your transmission needs is key. If you are looking for regular transmission you can opt for unshielded cables. However, if you specifically need to cancel electromagnetic noise you should go for shielded cables. Using shielded cables where unshielded ones can make the cut, can lead to an unnecessary increase in costs.

#4. Choose the right conductor size

It is also important to choose the right conductor size. Typically, the smaller the conductor size, the lower the costs. Of course, the size has to be chosen in a manner that doesn’t impact quality.

A thorough evaluation of the design could offer you areas of change that can significantly reduce costs without compromising on performance.

#5. Optimize supply chain management

With a professional PCB supplier, You will be able to save costs on the supply chain. For instance, the supplier could be ordering components in bulk and therefore driving down prices on account of economies of scale. Similarly, your supplier could produce a few months’ worth of cables and send them to you as they are required. Building trust with the supplier plays a strong role here.

You also need to ensure that the supplier is great at customer service and acts like a partner in the project.

#6. Choose the right partner

When you are outsourcing complex custom cable assemblies, it goes without saying that the right partner can make or break the project. The ideal partner will help you bring down the cost through:

  • Due advice on design & component selection. With access to industry best practices the partner will ensure prudent selection
  • Creative sourcing of parts that will keep costs under check.
  • Due quality control measures which ensure, that there aren’t costly errors to pay for at a later date.
  • Robust testing goes a long way in ensuring that there aren’t corrections to be made later that result in huge costs on account of wasted time, manpower & material.
  • Robust customer service including speedy resolution of issues, if any.

To sum up

While you need to optimize costs you cannot do it at the expense of non-existent quality control mechanisms. In taking the cost quotations from the partner, ensure also that you can vouch for their quality control process. It is imperative that the partner has an unstinting focus on delivering high quality at the most cost effective price points. Their long-standing supplier relationships can ensure that they are able to procure parts at optimal prices. Additionally, with their expertise & access to industry best practices, they can make sure that you do not need to re-invent the wheel. Their robust customer support team could also help in making sure that each project is delivered seamlessly.

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