How is circuit board prototyping best option for innovative PCB design?

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Circuit Board Prototyping

With miniaturization and other such trends changing the face of products, innovation and experimentation is the way forward for revolutionizing of PCBs. Prototyping is a very important aspect of this innovation and change. After all, it is the process of printed circuit board prototyping that saves companies millions of dollars in improving PCBs and not having to undertake large production runs until you are sure of mass production. Rapid PCB Prototyping is revamping the PCB Manufacturing process.

The process of prototyping, in turn, goes a long way in testing the functionality of the product. In fact, prototyping isn’t a one- stage process and involves several stages over which the prototype is improved and a final design is ready for mass production. The different stages before the final design include:

Creating Visual Models

This is where the process of prototyping begins. Essentially, it involves creating a physical product that shows the board and the structure of the components. This helps engineers to look at two aspects:

  • Find design flaws, if any
  • Make visual improvements in the model

With a visual model in place, it is far easy to check aspects such as whether the components fit together, is the design fine, is there any issue with the size, and so on. In fact, the process of visual modeling is an iterative process. You may, therefore, have several versions of the visual models before you finalize the one that seems to meet all the requirements.


The second stage, and a fairly important one, is the proof-of-concept. At this stage, the concept is fully tested. You need to be sure that the idea is workable before you proceed any further. What you get to check, therefore, is the viability of the project. It is fairly easy to make any changes in the working model, at this stage. It isn’t prudent to skip this stage as it could lead to costly errors at a later stage.

Working Prototypes

Once the proof-of concept is successfully vetted, the next stage is to create a working prototype. This involves the circuit board having all the final functions, even though the working prototype need not be a fair representation of the physical design of the final product. This is the stage where any tweaks can be made and you may therefore land up with several versions of the working prototype till you are fully satisfied.

Functional Prototypes

This is the stage where you not only have a fully ready-to-implement prototype, it is also as close to the final product design as possible. This is the ultimate step before mass production and therefore very crucial. At this stage you are checking to see many things:

  • Everything is in working order
  • Things look good visually

With this stage satisfactorily crossed, you are ready for mass production.

It is, therefore, easy to see the immense importance PCB Circuit prototyping holds in the success of the final product. Skipping of any of these meticulous processes means you could have to deal with costly mistakes once you order a full production run. Not only can it lead to loss of money and time, importantly it could cost your company its reputation.

The Technotronix Advantage

At Technotronix, we undertake the Prototyping process with extreme care. The different stages of PCB prototyping are meticulously followed so that we deliver nothing but the best. Importantly, the quantities of the board, do not come in the way of our quality checks. With time and effort spent in PCB prototype projects, what we ensure is that your final product will be very close to perfection. Irrespective of the phase of the project you are in, you can depend on our experienced engineers who are equipped with industry-best practices to ensure you do not have to make costly mistakes. Added to this is our state-of-the-art equipment as well as our robust testing protocols that streamline the entire process. The additional advantage of partnering with us is our unstinting focus on quick turnaround times that ensure that your deadlines aren’t impacted and that you reap the advantage of quick time-to-market. Overall, when you choose Technotronix as your partner you can be sure of effective PCB prototyping as also deliveries of large production runs, as soon as you are ready to launch your product. We are providing high quality and defect free PCB Prototype as per customer specification. Visit to know more about PCB prototyping services and feel free to contact us. Also, you can drop an email to us at

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