How to select the best Flex PCB Manufacturer for your next project?

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Flex PCB Manufacturer

PCB abbreviated term for Printed Circuit board which have immense importance in electronics goods to computer devices. They are known to be foundational building blocks of electronic and electrical appliances. It is a suggestion from most of the experts that most modern electronic devices are assembled upon the PCBs and sold in the market.

Before you even begin to select the best PCBs out there? We’ll give you an insight on exactly why you should be buying PCBs in the first place? What are the attributes and characteristics you should be looking for before choosing the best PCB? And so on.

We’ll take you through different reasons, facts, and even prices of PCBs in this article! Keep reading to select the best Flex PCB Manufacturer for your next project.

Why do you require to use PCB in the first place?

With the kind of complex electronics coming into existence today, traditional wiring isn’t much advantageous. Hence PCBs, when compared to conventional wiring, are much appreciated and used. That’s why we use Flex PCB in electronics today.

Not only that, PCB has many more significant advantages like high reliability, low production cost, Lightweight, less complex design, and requires less maintenance compared to other wiring systems.

Due to its advantageous features and less complex design, PCB is an integrated electronic circuit device.

What Industries PCB Manufacturers caters to?

As we’re heading towards creating smaller and more efficient electronics, we need to understand the needs of PCBs. PCB manufacturers cater to the Aerospace, medical, military, computer, telecommunication, and Instrumentation industry.

Here in this article, we’re offering comprehensive, detailed ways that you can look to choose the best PCB manufacturing industry.

Follow Proper Set of Guidelines to Select the Right Flex PCB Manufacturer

Good quality products become crucial when their processing is in a good way. It all depends on the workers who work inside the factory. Usually, production unit is the most sensitive space for mistakes to occur. Following the proper set of guidelines ensures the production is done in a good way and leads to successful PCB manufacturing.

So, whenever you’re looking for the best PCB manufacturing company, make sure you gain insight into its production chain. A clear and practical training enables proper chain management in PCB production.

Choose the company with the latest equipment in Flex PCB manufacturing.

Innovation is taking newer twists and turns with every passing day. Make sure when you’re seeing the next PCB manufacturing unit check to see if their product has the latest technology incorporated into them.

You can’t be having old designs for newer requirements. The manufacturing unit must be well versed in leading innovative techniques and technology.

Check their machinery models and check the quality of materials that go into Production by inspecting other crucial aspects. Good tools and machinery affect the PCBs’ quality and quantity and ensure circuits works and meet the latest standards.

If the manufacturing unit uses old and saggy machines, there are high chances that the product’s overall quality and quantity will be poor. Hence avoid choosing a product manufacturing company that works with the traditional methods of PCB manufacturing.

Understand the quality of flex PCB Manufacturing

Understanding the quality control of the PCB production is essential. You must lookout for a manufacturing unit that’s quite serious about Production with quality control. And you cannot trust a company that outsources testing controls to another party.

Quality of PCB manufacturing is crucial in manufacturing the PCB units and the best PCB designer know how to maintain the quality of PCB supplies to their clients.

For Printed Circuit boards, there are hardly three assembly inspections. The first one is a visual observation, where experts perform the testing of soldering components.

Upon that inspection, the report helps to find out if all the processes are fit and fine. These different kinds of examinations are significant for understanding choosing the best PCB manufacturing company.

Flex PCB Primary stock

As a responsible PCB manufacturer, their primary stock must be up to content. Flex PCB manufacturing company must include resistors, capacitors, inductors, and other elements.

The minimum order quantity of these primary things must be ranging from 4000 to 5000 pieces per the product reel.

The inspection of these things is crucial to ensure the manufacturer is the right one.

Check flex PCB Manufacturer reputation

People would not waste even a single penny on cheap, fewer quality products. That’s why always check out the reputation of the PCB manufacturing company.

Hence, it’s essential to choose a flex PCB supplier that’s well-reputed among the respective audiences. Its customer reviews reflect the company’s efficiency. You can contact their prior customers to understand how they work, what they offer, and the quality of PCBs they make.

A good reputation is one out of the hundred best ways to choose the best PCB manufacturing company.

These are the few steps or ways by which you choose the best PCB manufacturing company out of the rest. With the increasing demand for electronic devices for both secondary and ordinary people, PCBs Manufacturing companies are ground breaking.

But the problem is there are so many such companies out there; hence, choosing the best one could be challenging.

That is why we brought to you some ways by which you can compare different companies and choose the best one out of all.

You don’t require to brainstorm yourself into multiple options. Read this article, and you’ll be ready to choose the best flex PCB manufacturing company in comparatively less time.

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What are the benefits of Prototype PCB manufacturing and why is it important?

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Prototype PCB manufacturing

Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs are one of the most essential components of an electronic device. To ensure the efficacy of the device it is imperative that the PCB remain error free. A very important step in this direction is Prototype PCB manufacturing. After all, you do not want a stage where you have manufactured the entire lot of PCBs and you detect an error, which proves to be extremely costly for you.

What really are Prototype Printed Circuit Boards?

Simply put, a PCB Prototype offers an opportunity for pre-production analysis for the final PCB. With a prototype you can check the design as well as the functionality of the final prototype. It allows you to make the necessary experimentation in order to arrive at the most efficient version of the PCB. There are several important steps in prototype PCB Manufacturing. These include:

  • Selecting the right material for prototype manufacturing.
  • Making a rapid design.
  • Testing the design for functionality
  • Rectifying any errors and designing, if need be.
  • Next follows the process of rapid prototyping where the PCB is manufactured.
  • The next stage is that of functionality testing. It is only when this stage is satisfactorily crossed that the PCBs are manufactured.

Throughout a project, several PCB prototypes may be used at various stages. Examples of these include:

  • Visual Models
  • Proof-of-concept Prototypes
  • Working Prototype
  • Functional Prototype

Benefits of Prototype Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Reduces Failure Rate

The biggest benefit of PCB Prototyping is that it reduces the failure rate of PCBs and saves you from potential, costly errors at a later date. Failure of a PCB has a number of implications including not just loss of time, effort and money but also loss of company reputation, in case the faulty PCBs make it to the market.

Design for Manufacturability

With a prototype it is extremely easy to test the feasibility of the PCB design. What gets a big impetus, therefore, are the aspects related to Design for Manufacturability as well as Design for Assembly. With a prototype in place, you cannot go wrong in these areas.

Improved Product Quality

What you gain significantly from a prototype, is the fact that since the prototype developer is aware of best practices, compliance regulations and more, the final product quality goes up significantly. You also tend to benefit from the high quality materials, state-of-the-art machinery and the overall expertise that a prototype manufacturer brings to the table.

Reduced Timelines

With a specialist PCB prototype contract manufacturer, you also tend to gain from the quick turn around time that they work with. With time to market being a major source of competitive advantage, this is of immense benefit. The improved timelines are also on account of the fact that Prototypes offer the following advantages:

  • They take the guesswork out of the equation and allow for complete testing
  • They minimize rework
  • Having a prototype of the final product as a visual aid minimizes the time spent on explanation of the final product, particularly if you are dealing with investors

Ability to check components individually

For complex projects, particularly, it is important that you be able to validate each component individually. This will help point out, where exactly there is an issue. Prototypes offer you that opportunity to test individual components and find areas of concern well in advance.

Reduced Costs

It may sound counter intuitive, but a prototype instead of increasing your project cost, lowers it in the long run. With your design team being able to catch any issues sooner, it saves you from costly errors and laborious reworks. Seen in perspective, prototypes therefore reduce project costs.

To sum up

In conclusion, it can be said that a Prototype is a powerful tool that is available which ensures the quality of the final product while offering benefits such as cost saving and reduced project timelines.

It is important however, that you choose the PCB prototype manufacturer with care. The right partner will not only assist you in developing your product, they will share important industry best practices that will save you the time and effort of reinventing the wheel.

We are providing defect free Prototype PCB Manufacturing services as per customer specification. Get a quick quote for PCB prototyping.

Best Practices of New Product Introduction (NPI) Manufacturing for Electronics Contract Manufacturers!

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New Product Introduction

Introduction of new products is a great deal. Electronics contract manufacturers know that NPI (New product introduction) is a must since it helps them to ease the complexities and move forward in the marketing community.

However, NPI is not the easiest thing to do if not implemented properly. Thus, electronics contract manufacturers need to work on several complex designs and carefully market everything. Such production requires an adequate amount of effort and costs to become a success. It should have high-quality total volume production for faster marketing.

Below, we will discuss the New Product Introduction for Electronic manufacturers and its best practices and advantages.

What’s New Product Introduction (NPI)?

NPI, short form for New Product Introduction, means those activities that introduce a new or improved product. It includes the definition, layout, development, prototyping and even the launch of a product. The product doesn’t have any limitations – it can be anything.

It aims to get a final working prototype that can help one to get a faster market. People also call it NPD, short for New Product Development.

Here, the engineer’s work is to keep drafting new concepts for their product until the final prototype is ready, including any required design alterations.

NPI Manufacturing Best Practices

Now that you know NPI, it’s time to get to its best practices, which are as follows:

Define and prepare objectives

Beginning with defining is the crucial step of New Product Introduction. The electronic contract manufacturers make sure that the essential aspects of the product are described in this phase. From budget and features to functions and requirements, everything is defined.
The Quality Function Deployment or QDF process is used to alter the functional requirements into designs.


Feasibility is another crucial practice of NPI, where the product’s success rates are analyzed. Here, the overall discussion regarding the manufacturing, preliminary design approaches, implementation, and time estimates occurs.


The electronic contract manufacturing services also include a product’s development. Its overall designs are verified in this phase that consists of DFM or Design for Manufacturability and DFA or Design for Assembly. It has methods, DFM/A reviews, guidelines, BOM or bill of materials, etc.

Tests and implementation

After the development comes a product’s testing; the overall functionality of a product is tested, including its weaknesses and strengths. Its design, manufacturing, quality, concepts, etc., are analyzed thoroughly in this phase.
Once the testing is over, it goes to the implementation phase, where a product’s documentation is produced. It includes all the catalogs, manuals, and documents of a product.


Improvement is an essential factor in NPI. Electronics contract manufacturers can improve their products if they get adequate feedback and reviews which is what the evaluation phase of NPI covers. Here, the overall performance of the product is reviewed, and feedback is taken into account.

Production – The last & final phase

Once all the phases are clear, the last step comes forward. It includes the full-scale production of the product to be sent to the market and put to use.

Benefits of New Product Introduction (NPI)

NPI is proving to be an incredible way of producing successful products, and electronics contract manufacturing and assembly services are including it to improve the products. Some of the benefits of NPI implementation comprises:

Reduced Development Costs

As the electronic contract manufacturers consider the product’s design and its issues before the production, it enables cost reductions. There will be no additional costs of alterations, design changes, or tests if it all gets taken into consideration earlier.

Efficient production process

The electronics contract manufacturing services make sure to adopt DFM and DFA (Design for manufacturability and Design for Assembly) for the NPI. It makes the production process more efficient. It enables them to produce high-quality products properly.

Market capabilities acceleration

Usually, competition can be noticed for the marketing of products. If the electronics contract manufacturers cannot fulfill the consumers’ demands (fast delivery of the products), marketing errors may occur. Since NPI makes sure not to give rise to any manufacturing issues, it is possible to deliver the outputs faster, accelerating marketing capabilities.

Better product quality

In NPI, the proper design of a product is always considered to produce better outputs. Thus, it helps in increasing the overall quality of a product, which can be pretty beneficial.

Increased customer satisfaction

In NPI, the performance and functionality of a product are adequately tested, and the electronics contract manufacturers make sure to run everything smoothly. It helps in a better performing product’s production. As the functionality is better, customer satisfaction will improve as well.

Thus, we can say that NPI implementation includes various steps that prove highly beneficial for both electronics contract manufacturers and the consumer. NPI practices include all the design, manufacturing, testing, performance, and functional aspects of a product, resulting in high-quality output.

Technotronix has 4 decades of experience in prototyping of new product introduction processes. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Certified and AS9100 registered PCB Assembly company with state of art manufacturing plant, highly trained workforce, industrial leading equipment, automated tooling and commitment to quality. From initial design, development, PCB prototype to full scale production and after-market support, Technotronix can provide you a complete package of industrial electronics manufacturing. To get more information about NPI implementation reach us at or at 714/630-9200.

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Ensure your Power Distribution Network PCB Requirements with amazing tips!

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Power Distribution Network PCB

In an electronic component, proper distribution of power is necessary. However, sometimes, people are unable to notice the importance of Power Distribution. You have to take care of the Power Distribution network of PCB to ensure no mistakes.

Planning the power usage of different PCB components is necessary since it will stop problems in the PDN. Designing a PDN of a PCB also requires to focus.
To clarify that your PCB is working suitably, you will have to design the PDN Properly. Hence the proper supply and distribution of power in a PCB are required.

You have to know certain things to ensure your PCB’s power distribution network Requirements – Value of PDN design, use of a PDN analyzer, The voltage and current (or voltage) of a PCBs component. You should also ensure routing such powers (voltage and current) to the different components of a PCB.

Necessity of Power Distribution Network PCB design

PCB has an important role in providing current and power to the device in which it is situated. Without a power supply, a device wouldn’t able to work at all. If not designed PDN properly, it may raise a problem like unreasonable noise on the voltage rails of the chips. It may create a bit of failure directly, or it may convey the clock frequency of the chip can’t be met and timing errors result. Different devices and powers are required while design PDN so, It is necessary to design PDN according to device.

Power Distribution is necessary, and attention should be paid to its design during the process of PCB manufacturing. The most important fact here is that one should design the PCB Power Distribution network before the PCB components have been placed. It will be handy since you will be aware of the placement and power supply of components beforehand.

Ensure the supply of voltage

Different components of a PCB require different amounts of voltage. Knowledge of all the voltage requirements is a vital part in the process of PCB manufacturing. It can affect the PDN adversely if all the components are not getting their required voltage.

Thus, you should ensure that you supply the exact amount of-voltage required in every PCB component. +3.3 V is one of the most used that one will find in a PCB. Before the power supply process, one should be aware of the amount of voltage they might need in the PCB manufacturing process.

Ensure the supply of current

Not only focus on the voltage when designing the Power Distribution network of PCB, but you also have to focus on the current. Different parts would require different current intakes. If you don’t know the amount of current all the parts will need, you will have future problems. There are certain limits to the Power supply, so one should know beforehand about the required amount of current.

Tips to Design Power Distribution network PCB

Following are certain tips will help you to design the Power Distribution network printed circuit boards,

  • If the power distribution networks’ design has a monotonous impedance profile, then the PCB performance will be amazing.
  • You will notice better functioning of a PCB if the PDA supplies less noisy power to it at a specific peak voltage ripple.
  • If the PDN is not designed properly, problems could arise, such as – faulty circuits (the result of maintenance failure of adequate voltage regulation) or crosstalk circuits (resulting from the PDN noise flowing in various distribution paths).
  • A device can perform better if the power distribution network (PDN) design is proper and suitable. And one can easily adjust the designs of a PDA to get a device to function more efficiently.
  • If there is no stability, the frequency-independent impedance could degrade. Thus, the power supply’s stability is vital in a PDN.
  • Problems may arise like signal integrity difficulties and electromagnetic interference due to switching transistors in PCB. The stitching of transistors can cause continuous switching noises, which is the cause behind EMI and SI difficulties.

Uses of a PDN Analyzer

A PDN analyzer tool can be quite handy in designing a PDN during the PCB Manufacturing Process. A PDN Analyzer can provide a PDN’s visual display. With such a display, it would be possible to get insights on the problems during the designing process in the PDNs so that one can redesign it. Some of the major problems of whose visual display a PDN Analyzer can show are as follows:

  • If areas of coppers get isolated.
  • If copper gets excessive.
  • If the copper is insufficient.
  • If there are marginal voltages at the power pins of the device.
  • If the voltage drops uncontrollably etc.

If you get to know these problems beforehand, you could easily solve them without any hassle. Thus, such a tool can help you design your Power distribution network for PCB correctly. Thus, you wouldn’t have to wait for the whole PCB Manufacturing process to check whether the PDN design is suitable or not. Here, one of the best tips to ensure the Power distribution network of PCB is to use a PDN Analyzing tool.

PCBs components power routing process

Even if the power supply can provide enough current to a component, its power transmission and board cannot change. Reducing trace width during PDB designing is necessary. However, you should do it with attention as even a little mistake can lead to failure of traces. It can happen due to not having the required current as a result of the lack of copper.

If the traces are smaller, then the current densities would be higher, resulting in more heat. How can this problem be solved? Adding more copper to the trace will help the current densities decrease, and the PCB won’t be that hot as before.

The right amount of voltage and current is extremely necessary to supply to the PCB. Also, one needs to think about whether the distribution network of the PCB can channel the power supply in its desired place or not. Thus, the proper design of PDN is necessary during the PCB Manufacturing Process.

In the end, we can say how important PDN can be for a PCB. You have to think about various aspects related to power supply and distribution. Also, maintaining a balance of power and current supply while designing. As stated above, you need to know about PDA design necessities, ensure the supply of their voltage and current, maintain a stable design of PDN and whatnot. In this case, it is furthermore significant to note a PDN Analyzer’s uses and how a PCB’s Component’s power routing process occurs.

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