How does the Mixed Model Assembly become a multi-objective to meet the growing industrial demand?

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Mixed Model Assembly

In one plate, Mixed model assembly provides the perfect balance of productive efficiency and flexibility of work. As the demand of the electronic market increases exponentially, a time-to-time updated device is very important to survive in the industry. A mixed model makes the assembly in such a strategy that it is simple to use but at the same time effective.

What is Mixed Model Assembly?

A mixed-model assembly is a union of some identical group product that shares a similar type of work as the content of the task, process of functioning, materials used in manufacturing, etc.

The main aim of developing is to handle the rush of markets. To tackle the rapid change of the electronic industry and make the device flexible to work according to situations.

Benefits of Mixed Model Assembly

The benefits are so prominent that they cannot be described in one sentence. It improves the widespread productiveness of the assembly. Some of the benefits are described in the following points below –

  • The time required for the manufacturing is very short. It works so rapidly that it seems like no time in the formation of the layout. This criterion is very important to catch the customer’s attention. Thus, mixed model assembly able to meet the client’s expectation promptly.
  • One of the other valuable benefits of this high-mix assembly is it is automated. It works automatically, so it lessens the manpower needed in manufacturing. Directory technology of mixed assembly optimizes every point of the manufacturing process. This technology-based voluntary process minimizes the error of the design format also.
  • Flexible – volume assembly system is very useful to cope up with the change in the environment. The flexibility of the system supports the assembly to work in a wide range of variations in circumstances.
  • The ultimate product form after the policing of every step is much more preferable than any simple manufacturing. There is no hazard found in stocking, delivering, packaging also, as it is also taken good care of by my mixed model manufacturer. It furthermore diminishes inventory also.

How the mixed assembly meets the demand of the industries?

  • Mixed assembly calculates the production strategy through detailed planning. To find the perfect strategy, sometimes administrators of the assembly do offshore and finalize the technique.
  • As the production of service in mixed assembly is wide, the secondary expenditure of manufacturing is cut out. So, the ultimate value of the assembly is far lower than any formal production. On the other hand, offshoring also minimizes the exposition cost by neglecting the mechanical error during production.
  • The layout serves by the assembly is according to the client’s demand. They accustom the model by client’s preference,
  • the products small in size, lightweight, so that it becomes handy to use. The manufacturer tries its very best to make the product manageable.
  • Advanced Technology of mixed model assembly reduces the labor required by replacing it with smart hardware and software. Different tools are used for each distinct purpose. That also good for lowering the man-made error percentage.

Guidelines for successful Mixed Model Assembly

Although the mixed-model assembly is very effective and efficient, some special management is needed to function the assembly properly. And to manage it in order, some proper guidelines need to follow. This guideline helps the assembly to work in a disciplinary manner. The guidelines are –

  • Every work has to be put on the record. That means proper documentation is needed in each step. This document functions as proof of your work. So, if any difficulty finds in the future, it can be reviewed from the document. This documentation standardized the assembly’s reputation.
  • Always recruit dedicated employees with high skills. Employees are the resources of the assembly’s good service delivery. So, make sure the worker of the assembly trained enough to do satisfactory work. If required, arranged some training program to give updated knowledge to the employee.
  • Assembly work is teamwork, so each member’s knowledge is equally important to any other production factors. Every team leader has to look keenly at the efficiency of each team member.
  • Time management is another factor to consider. List down the full schedule of work, and try to follow it strictly to avoid procrastination.
  • Also, make a sequence of the rule for working in order. Always try to provide the service at its given time. Some emergency is considerable, but if the assembly always delays delivering the product, the client loses their trust towards that particular assembly.
  • Always updated the service according to time and the market. The world is evolving every minute, and that means with it, all services also have to modify to stand up to your assembly in the market.

Know the market well, understand the competitor, their strong and weak point, and improve your service by doing all this analysis. Expanse the assigned line for the PCB assembly growth.

By maintaining these guidelines properly, a make-to-order environmentally produce. In this set number of works, the station becomes small, and the employee becomes highly skillful, which eventually makes the assembly updated.
It perfects the process by tree way- balancing the diagrammatic layouts, balancing every prototype, and balancing with the neighborhood searching process.


Mixed model assembly is used by many important industrial productions now a days. Now with the market’s trend, brief time life cycle products become in-focus light. Formal mass-produced now become out of trend.

It works on the make-to-order strategy with lessened the leading time of the consumer. By this type of strategy, a range of different types of design can produce from one assembly line. So, it is time to rethink your assembly preference, and you want suggestions must try a mixed-model assembly line for the PCB design to sprout in the market. We provide advanced PCB prototypes, high and low volume PCB production, mixed assembly placement in addition to component sourcing, layout rework and destructive testing services to our customers worldwide.

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