Quick turn network switch PCB assembly for electronics industry!

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Network Switch PCB

Printed Circuit Board or PCBs as they are popularly called are the most critical component of every electronic device. In fact, they have often even been called the unsung heroes of the modern day electronic driven world. After all, this is the one component that keeps your much-loved electronic device up and running and performing the actions that consumers so love. The electronic industry benefits from PCBs on account of a wide variety of reasons, key among them being:

  • Compact design that works well especially with the increasing trend towards miniaturization
  • Ease of Testing with Prototypes
  • Low Assembly Errors
  • Low Noise and Interference
  • Immune to movement
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time saving

Application of Network Switch PCB Assembly

One of the areas where PCBs find extensive application in, include Networking organizations. Not without reason. Here are organizations that deal with substantial traffic load. There is the need for networking organizations to:

  • Monitor
  • Filter
  • Aggregate and
  • Direct,

a lot of traffic that emanates from multiple links. For such organizations, data monitoring switches are an invaluable device to ensure data access. In turn, these switches require a lot of power to assist them in their data aggregation and monitoring process. This is where PCB assemblies come in handy. Network switch PCB benefit from standard as well as custom network switch printed circuit board assemblies that can be made available to your bespoke requirements.

The big advantage is also that the PCB Assembly can support data access switches with multiple ports. A layered PCB with FR4 material is typically known to work well in such cases. The big advantage that it offers is that while the data monitoring process generates large amount of heat, the PCB Assembly continues to perform unaffected on account of the material used. In addition, if you partner with a professional PCB Assembly company, what you will benefit from is their capability to support switched ports with high speed. This itself can turn out to be an invaluable benefit as it helps you maintain competitive advantage.

Capabilities of a PCB Assembler

Some of the other capabilities of a professional PCB Assembler include:

  • PCBs compliant with RoHS regulations
  • Lead-free soldering
  • Screen Printing
  • Comprehensive services that include PCB design, PCB prototyping, PCB fabrication and inspection
  • IPC complaint coating
  • In-circuit and functional testing
  • Assemblies that are compatible with any operating system
  • Plug and play installation

The good news also is that Network Switch PCB Assembly can be ready with quick turnaround time. What this means is that there need not be a long waiting time, which as a Network organization you cannot afford to have. Once the prototype is in place and meets your requirements, you can rest assured that you will not have to contend with costly mistakes with a large production run.

Application of Network Switch PCB Assemblies

Little surprise then that such quick turn Network Switch PCB Assemblies find extensive application in a wide variety of Networking systems, including but not limited to:

  • Network communication systems
  • Large Computer Networks
  • Network Servers
  • Web browsers
  • SNMP tools

What you tend to gain with the Technotronix Partnership

At Technotronix, we have over 4 decades of experience in PCB fabrication as well as assembly. Our experienced team is well poised to take on the most complex PCBA designs. The fact that we are equipped to take on prototype quantities as well as large runs with equal ease, is what endears our clients to us. Besides we are also equipped to offer turnkey, consignment and mixed technology PCB services. With our extensive experience in Network Switch Printed Circuit Boards, you can rest assured that our experts will guide you not just with the right product but also with the industry best practices so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. We are not just a PCB assembler; we completely test at board level to box build level to provide the benefit of unparalleled technical expertise. The fact that we provide the most progressive solutions at the most competitive price points is what sets us apart from the rest. To acquaint with Technotronix, reach us at sales@technotronix.us to get more information for PCB Assembly services!

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