New Flairs In Global Application Of LED Lighting With The PCB Manufacturing

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The world has taken a step ahead to the next level by gradually improving the traditional energy sources. From primitive lighting concepts of candles, modifications have reached a high level of enhancements with direct energy to optical radiations in the semiconductors. With this, the LED lights have shown a hike in its usage in all the energy applications. One of the major challenges in LED lightings and emergency lighting industry is the level of thermal management that well balances the thermal output for high energy applications. Also the new trend of miniaturization and nano concept buzzing in the global market has increased the demand of customized PCB manufacturing and PCB prototyping that depends on the purpose and use of high performance LED lights. This article attunes you with the PCB technologies applied in the LED lights, things to be considered to get a high performance lighting system and recent modernization in the LED concepts.

PCB LED Lighting Application:

The modification in PCB is becoming a reliable electronic solution for LED lighting to many OEM’s, EMS and other manufacturing units for tuning their products with high end customization. It has universal applications, be it a lightning system for home, corporate use, aerospace, urban street lighting, projection systems, hospitality, infrared heating, industrial use, automobiles, bicycle lighting, medical operations, hospitality, retail and other markets. The top most challenge faced by the LED light manufacturers is the right type of printed circuit board to be integrated in the product.

How to get perfect LED PCB Board solution?

To get an accurate and optimum electronic solution, some aspects are vital to be considered to design a proven layout of LED circuit boards. This includes the thermal quantity, dimensions of the components, where should the energy loss be dissipated, the proper place for the heat sources, balancing temperature, cooling system and proper heat sinks.To get a perfect electronic solution for a systematic conduct in LED lights, the printed circuit board is fabricated by using state of the art techniques and technologies that includes the FR4 epoxy resin and glass fiber PCB that allows heat distribution in big surface with improved thermal dissipation, FR4 PCB with thermal via array where PTH (plated through hole) technology is used with configuration of thermal vias that enhances thermal resistance vertically, thick copper PCB with ‘iceberg technology’ is used in case of LED with high power and effective cooling system , FR4 technology used in PCB that requires proper thermal distribution and heat dissipation, IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) used for higher thermal conductivity, thick or thin film technology and many more are implemented in the PCB assembly to meet the exact requirements of LED lighting. Check out the guide on Significant Technology Transformation in LED PCB Board Technology.

These technologies have reshaped the LED lights into a wide range of products consisting of LED mounted clothing, vehicle hazard lights, bespoke concert light balls, snowflake lights that are majorly used in entrance to hotels and exhibition centers, wall back lights, stage lights, exhibition lights, DC safety lights, hand rail lighting, spot lights, floor lights that are used in swimming pools and dance floors, exit lights and cabin lights. Apart from this, LED lights have its application in aircraft lighting systems and marine lighting systems. This is now showing an increase in the use of Bendable Polyimide Substrate to control the lighting output with low cost of manufacturing and installation. The cold white LED light has its application in the cameras and fluorescence microscopy. The sophistication is now the name of the game to connect the LED with the sensors and dimmers. Also a fierce competition for quality and durability of products in LED market across the globe with intensions to reduce the replacement operations of the defective products.

This has made the fashion and technology to head at the same wavelength. With this, upcoming innovations are addressed in the use of smart LED bulbs and fiber optics in the jackets, clothing, costumes, shoes and many more. In addition to this, the research and development made it possible to integrate WiFi control, DMS control, software, music system and SD card system with the LED lights.

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