How to Choose the best PCB Prototype Service for Your New Product Introduction (NPI)?

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PCB Prototype Service

When it comes to electronic devices, it is an ever-growing industry with new devices hitting the market every single day. The process of a new launch, however, is quite complex. You need to go through the entire development cycle and that too in the shortest possible timeframe. The one thing that is invaluable in this phase is PCB prototype service. With a successful prototype you tend to reap many advantages including but not limited to the fact that there isn’t the fear of costly mistakes later.

With a number of contract manufacturers offering PCB Prototype services, how exactly does one choose the right partner who will be extremely crucial to the success of your final product. Here is a handy guide:

Quality of the PCB Prototypes

This of course, is the most important aspect of the choice. You want the prototype to be free of any errors, the material to be defect free and more. In order to assess the kind of quality offered by the PCB Prototype manufacturer, you need to run through the following aspects:

  • Availability of state-of-the-art equipment
  • Quality of expertise available
  • Client portfolio and testimonials
  • What kind of focus do they have on prototype fabrication

It will also help to check what kind of experience the PCB prototyping USA, service has in your particular industry. With a service that has a great track record in your industry, what you will have access to is a whole body of industry insights that will come in extremely handy. Simply put, you will not be required to reinvent the wheel.

Minimum Order Quantity of PCB Prototype

This is a very important aspect of choosing your PCB service. After all, a prototype does not allow you give the assurance of a high order quantity. A manufacturer who has a prototype focus, will not, therefore insist on a high quantity that does not meet your requirements.

Turnaround Time of PCB Prototype

When you are dealing with a new product introduction (NPI) or if you are a startup wanting to showcase a minimum viable product to an investor, time is of essence. You clearly need a PCB prototyping service that understands this aspect and offers quick turnaround time. There is no way you want to sacrifice on quick delivery, ensure therefore that you check the delivery schedule of the manufacturer. It will also be prudent to reach out to existing clients to see what their experiences related to deadlines, have been.

Bespoke products

You would want to go ahead with a PCB prototype USA, service, that customizes the prototype to your bespoke requirements. This would be in terms of size, shape, components, bespoke surface finishes and more. For this the PCB service will have to be armed with the right tools as also people who have the right expertise in dealing with it.

Packing & Shipping

Ever so often it may not strike you to check whether the PCB prototype service offers packaging and shipping services. However, this is also an important aspect to check for, so that you can rest assured that the products can be safely delivered.

PCB Prototype Cost

Last, but certainly not the least, what you need to check for, is the cost. The price of the PCB certainly goes on to impact the final cost of your product. For this, it is important that the manufacturer can offer you quick quotes that in turn help you price the product.

While optimal pricing is key, you need to also remember that you cannot sacrifice quality at the altar of price. You do not want a situation where you have gone with the lowest cost offered and in the process have had to redo the entire process as quality was sacrificed. A proven PCB prototype service with years of experience in the field is really your best bet in receiving quality products that do justice to your electronic device.

Overall, it is important to remember that any lapse or wrong decision made in choosing the PCB manufacturer can cost you dearly, in terms of time and monetary cost. Worse still, a poor-quality PCB and hence a poor electronic product, can cost you hard-earned company reputation.

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