PCB trends in Aerospace Industry

By | Date posted: | Last updated: August 19, 2020

The old cliché about airplane having numerous electronic parts is truer now than ever. Aerospace industry drives the rapid development through various innovations in the services, products and electronic devices. Technology is at the heart of the aerospace industry. According to “ IPC North American PCB Market Report” , approximately 27 % of the total PCB market in North America has been saturated by aerospace and defense industries.

A massive jet, new fighter planes, mars bound rockets, flying cars and hybrid vehicles are main attractive things we imagine while thinking of the aerospace industry. The major aspects affecting the advancement in the aerospace industry are software, hardware, navigation, control and guidance. There are many important objects and things in aerospace engineering where latest advances are taking place.

To get a highly advanced electronic device or a gadget for any aerospace product, a quick turn prototype with effective engineer plays a topmost role in making the device a successful one. There are many types of PCB’s which are used to make a heavy duty aerospace equipment.

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The PCB assembly with thermal management is the main USB for any of the operating systems used by aerospace industries. There are thermal compact layouts to make latest PCB thermal designs. Highly customized heavy duty PCB’s act vital to the electronic devices used in the aerospace industry. There has been an extensive use of multi layered quick turn prototypes, double sided PCB’s in aerospace devices and other electronic products.

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