Surface Mount Technique

By | Date posted: | Last updated: February 14, 2022

An upturn in PCB manufacturing process with SMT Technology is enjoying a revival

Recently demand for Surface Mount Technique to be used in PCB manufacturing process has shown a growth with the extensive requirement of it in varied industries which are bountiful users of PCB, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Nowadays the increasing demand of LED technology has picked up a pace in demand of SMT equipments.

To get an effective electronic solution, a soldering technology used for mounting or soldering on the surface of the Printed Circuit Board with the help of solder paste or solder wire, can be termed as a Surface Mount Technique. It is majorly used to create and develop miniatures or lighter PCB’s.

SMT proves to be extensively used in PCB prototyping for any kind of electronic solutions. In order to replace men with machine and make the PCB assembly more effective an automated inline circuit tester has been replaced with Surface Mount Technique. This advanced technology has been able to overcome the tedious work of wiring components to a circuit board with the help of holes in the board.

TechnoTronix has taken steps to rationalize and upgrade their functioning as well as their way of working to provide value added services to their customers. The miniaturization has been a buzz word in the electronic market especially in the aerospace, telecommunication, defense, medical and various industries urging for upgrading their business with cost effective manufacturing operations. With the increasing demand and need of smaller and lighter electronic devices, SMT Assembly for PCB’s came into the picture.

We provide one stop solution with high quality assurance by using advanced techniques like Surface Mount Technique, Through Hole Technique, and Chip- On- Board Technique. To authenticate the manufacturing process and focus on quality products, services and process we use surface mount technology inspection equipment. This has made us be a leading edge to tender with the advanced and latest PCB services with reduced rework and maintenance cost.

Our up gradation in manufacturing operations have made us a marvel by rendering quick turn customized PCB assembly services with a unique way of using Surface Mount Equipments which puts over clients in command of their project. TechnoTronix can solve the PCB problems with exact defect detection and an effective defect prevention to its varied customer base across the globe. Thus SMT placement equipments have shown a significant growth in product innovations and development in the electronics market.

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