What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Medical PCB Prototypes!

By | Date posted: | Last updated: April 8, 2022

The fury unleashed by COVID-19 on the entire world has been unprecedented. Clearly it has emerged as the most pressing health emergency in recent times. Besides its devastating impact on health, this pandemic has also had a long-term impact on global business. With many countries still recovering from stringent lockdown, it will definitely be a while before the world economy starts to inch towards pre-COVID levels.

The one area that is witnessing growing demand on account of this devastation unleashed by the disease is the medical electronics industry. Requirements for equipment such as ventilators, fog generators, patient monitors, respiratory support equipment and more, is on an all-time high, with COVID 19 cases rising every single day. What is also growing is the demand for devices such as temperature monitors and infrared thermometers, for patients to monitor their health statistics, closely. With most medical diagnosis and treatment methods having been automated, what is also growing is the demand for medical PCB Prototypes.

While PCBs are the lifeline of any electronic device and are responsible for its success or failure, when it comes to medical equipment, the need for quality PCB Prototypes is further enhanced. Here after all one is dealing with precious lives and there is no way safety or durability can be compromised.

Types of PCBs required in the medical industry

Medical PCB Prototyping find extensive application in a wide variety of equipment such as pacemakers, MRI equipment, ultrasonic equipment, CT scans, neural stimulators and more, besides the specific equipment required in the fight against COVID-19. To meet the bespoke requirements of each of these devices, there is a wide range of PCB Prototypes that can do justice to the complex machines that need the assurance of quality and durability. Here are some of the PCBs that are available specifically for medical equipment. These PCBs fit in to the custom requirements of the medical industry, particularly of equipment that is needed in the fight against COVID.

Flexible PCBs/Rigid-flex PCBs

Increasingly with a number of medical devices required to be placed in the patient’s bodies, the need of the hour is a flexible PCB, that can fit the specific, limited space as also be non-toxic and corrosion resistant. Flexible PCBs are also suited for the increasing miniaturization of equipment. Additionally, flexible or rigid-flex PCBs are well-suited for medical equipment on account of the fact that they are highly resistant to damage.


With the need for high-density connections to be packed in a small space, what also works well when it comes to PCB prototyping service for medical equipment are HDI PCBs. They can provide high transmission rates especially with the increasing miniaturization. This holds true not just for medical equipment but also for a wide range of other industries such as automobiles, telecommunication and more.

Technotronix is a known name in Medical PCB Prototyping

At Technotronix, we have over four decades of experience in PCB manufacturing and assembly services. Our advanced production techniques and manufacturing practices ensure that we make high quality, complex PCBs to suit bespoke requirements.

Even though we cater to a wide range of industries, Medical PCB prototype services remain our forte. Our strength lies in responding to the high degree of innovation in product layout with skill and dexterity. It is hugely gratifying for us to be able to support the mission against COVID 19 with best-in-class products. What we have at our disposal to be able to make this possible is unparalleled technical expertise. We understand how the fight against COVID-19 is time bound and our strength also lies in our quick turnaround times and consistent delivery of high-quality products at competitive prices. The fact that we are an ISO 9001:2015 AS9100 Rev D company, means that you can rest assured that your products are in safe hands. When you are dealing with us, you aren’t just dealing with any other vendor but a quality partner who is as committed to taking healthcare services to a whole new level.

Importantly, we at TechnoTronix are dedicated to putting our best foot forward and playing our role in offering quality PCB Prototyping in the fight towards COVID-19. Here’s to saving lives together!

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