Swelling demand for PCB assembly needs in the US Market

November 28, 2014


The EMS provider companies have a fortunate growth in PCB demand with worth about 3 billion dollars in international and about 3.4 billion dollars in domestic manufacturing. TechnoTronix differentiates itself from the competition by delivering real value to its customer base. The varied PCB assembly services for the following innovations and developments prove to be metamorphosing in our assembly, fabrication and design process over the decade:

  • Flex/ Rigid Boards
  • HDI
  • Insulation
  • Print electronics
  • Photonics
  • Nano Technology
  • Tele communication

For more details visit http://www.technotronix.us/printed_circuit_board_assembly.html

According to NCAB GROUP ‘there is a possibility of surpassing 6.5% of annual growth in the US market at the offset of 2015’. On the other hand it has turned a cumbersome situation for companies to shop for PCB assembly services from the right PCB manufacturer. In the present provincial market, the military, industrial, medical, automotive or electronics industries are undergoing great innovations and developments. Estimated chart of PCB demand trend as per The Gale Group, Inc can be shown as:


With up gradation in technologies, TechnoTronix underwent modifications in their process and products by adopting the state of art technique, surface mount technique, direct metallization, reverse engineering of electronic products and other customized PCB assembly services. This makes TechnoTronix one of the kingpins to cater to varied contract manufacturing services with advanced electronic and design solutions for their PCB needs.

For more information visit http://www.technotronix.us

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