PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly being a lead to new innovations in the Transportation industry

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PCB Manufacturing

The transportation industry has come up with many effective innovations in providing electronic solutions that dwells on the use of complex high customized PCB’s. For risk free transportation solutions, the printed circuit board industry has developed proven tech PCB Layout to serve the technological advancement in road transport, rail, aerospace, shipping, marine and automotive markets. This has also posed a challenge among the PCB manufacturers to offer high end customization right from the material selection, different shape and sizes by providing contract manufacturing, consigned or complete turnkey solutions as per the demand of varied customers across the globe. With this different state of the art techniques like SMT (Surface Mount Technique), Through Hole Techniques are highly in use for smooth PCB fabrication and PCB assembly. The increased use of circuit boards is seen in the transportation industry with modified navigation systems, tracking systems, alarm systems, lightings and many other user friendly devices and electric systems installed in cars, trucks, coaches, ships, submarines, trains, aircrafts, helicopters, buses and many more vehicles. These types of application demand for standard and multi-layered PCB with lower pitch BGA and with varied type of dielectric. Apart from this rigid/flex PCB is also used by many OEM’s and EMS in the transportation sector. This article brings to light many technological advancements in the transportation industry, the PCB used in its application and challenges faced by the PCB manufacturers and tech designers.

With the global dynamic discoveries and innovations featured in the transportation sector, the printed circuit boards with high speed and complex layout requires a high energy delivery system with better thermal profiling for any type of design tool be it schematic capture, layout or simulation pcb layout method. Apart from this, a system aware engineering with 3D modulations are used for tracing the system mechanism operating in the circuit board to optimize the performance. The Multi layered, Single/Double sided and Box Build PCB assembly is being used specially for the advancement in devices used in the transportation industry.

The challenge faced by the PCB designers is to present a tech savvy compact design with multi functionality features that is capable of extra memory, power potentiality and processor with modified data management systems. The PCB’s to be manufactured with captivating costs is also a tough job for PCB designers, especially for serving the automotive electrical solutions. The technology is now getting rid of these challenges with the use of rigid/ flex PCB that has flexible molding and ultra HDI features which well suits the requirements of the transportation industry.

PCB Manufacturing Innovation in Transportation Technologies:

  • The GPS tracking device has shown new innovations in its usage to track the vehicles by installing it with the battery of vehicles that directly transmits the vehicle position to the web server. The Rigid/ flex PCB are high in use with the increased use of mini GPS tracker used in various transport systems.
  • The reversing alarms are used in trucks, fork trucks, electric vehicles, coaches, buses, tankers and other heavy vehicles. Another type of alarm system includes the talking alarm which has a risk free warning system that talks about the exact dangers like non application of a hand-brake, seatbelt unfastened, fuel required etc. Other car alarms and immobilizers used for vehicle security for locking the doors and steering wheel are also high in use. For these automotive systems, burglar alarm circuit and car alarm circuit are high in use in the PCB market.
  • The auto-transformer rail controllers are also showing its innovations in controlling the railway systems that have railway signaling electronics and detection devices that are used for train control mechanics. Nowadays, train lighting systems have smooth operating models with rail traffic light controllers and LED lightings used in trains.
  • The cars and heavy duty vehicles now have an installed system performance sensor that controls the braking systems, torque sensors, accelerometer and other automotive component sensors.
  • The double sided PTH PCB’s, HDI layer PCB and multi layered PCB are used in the in train communication tracking are highly in use for communication systems used in the railway industry.
  • The Manglev trains without wheels that runs with magnetic tracks will slowly replace the traditional rail system with developments in electronic devices.
  • Driverless cars and electric cars with calibrated robots and navigation systems add to the recent innovations.
  • A smart road system used to understand the traffic patterns with noting the tires hitting the ground that guides the driver to read the traffic and route the destination.
  • Other innovations are found in metros, subway trains, ship, submarines, the speedboats, Paragliding systems, ergonomic transport systems used in the medical industry, electric trucks etc.

These innovations in transportation industry poses demand for the PCB fab and PCB prototyping services that has high end customization in its production process, high grade quality, on time delivery of orders, effective supply chain and vendor management. It has also become a mandatory aspect to have a PCB fabrication and assembly as per the international standards of quality.

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Innovation in Medical and Bio-Medical PCB Manufacturing Industry with a subtle tuning of health to technology!

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Medical PCB

The broad arc of innovations introduced and coming up in today’s era calls for attention to the developing medical and bio-medical equipment /devices. It is now becoming a prime element in the lifestyle of people right from the carrycot to the tomb. Even with the rapid pace seen in the medical industry with technological advancement, a number of challenges hit up the engineering of medical devices. With this, high grade printed circuit boards are being developed with the latest designs for complex therapeutic equipment. Until now, all the major inventions in PCB used for medical devices were the soul concentration of PCB manufacturers in USA.

This gave a stride to use of customized PCB in predominant industries with the introduction of accurate analogue/digital design; multi-layered circuit boards, BGA with varied fabrication techniques like Through-hole-technique, Surface Mount technique, Box-build assembly, Cable harness assembly and many more. This article is a brief spotlight to the drifts in the development of the newer concepts in the medical industry with the enhanced PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing methods. In addition, it also highlights the recent medical technological up gradation with medical inventions going on worldwide.

The printed circuit boards were under fashion from the onset of 1900 and gradually it trended to provide electronic solutions to the Defense and US army. Right from the origination of PCBs and the idea of the auto assembly process was grounded by the PCB manufacturer in the USA. Sooner the use of PCB was found in all the industries that focused on putting forward new ideas with a modern touch to their production and NPL (New Product Launches). The medical, aerospace, military, industrial, renewable, telecommunication and automotive industry are now a part of these transformations. This was a new dawn of the revival in the medical industry with state of the art electronics and PCB solutions getting into the vein to enhance the lifestyle of people with many user-friendly curative methods. As a result, this generated more and more health consciousness among the people and also a sense of concern for maintaining high-quality control as well as safety measures with the usage of medical devices.

Recent technological up-gradation & The Role of Medical PCB Manufacturing

Medical technology has taken the podium to the next level of competition by giving pause to the new ideas to mend and heal the people. The trends of modernization in fitness and health devices, diagnostic methods and AT (automated therapy) equipment made the rigid/flex PCB manufacturing and PCB prototypes with embedded components and 3D modelling a natural choice for PCB manufacturer. This even gave rise to a demand for miniaturization in PCB prototyping. Behind the scenes, the leap in the development of PCB assembly and the PCB fabrication process has altered the use of medical equipment with bettered therapeutic results.

The innovations outlined in medical devices like Cardiac Mapping as used for diagnosing heart diseases, Medical Motion Control System that controls position and velocity of motors, Electronic Nerve Stimulation Device that delivers smooth electrical impulses to the paralysed muscles, In Robotic braces and Motor Controller to command the speed and direction from the central logic controller of any robotic device, Artificial Cardiac Pacemaker that regulates the heartbeats, Blood Glucose Monitors to test the sugar level in the body, Computed Tomography (CT ) scanner that scans the bones- blood vessels – soft tissues and internal organs of the body for diagnoses, Ultrasonic equipment for sonography and many more have shown improvements in dealing with the diseases .

Apart from these developments in the PCB used in medical and dental equipment, quality and safety are the prime focus considered in PCB manufacturing services. For stringent control in quality and to achieve defect free PCB production techniques, few testing methods are used which includes ‘Thermal profiling method’ that measures the temperature profiles for complex PCB’s, ‘Flying Probe Testing’ to validate the component placement, ‘ICT Testing’ to detect the parametric failures and design faults in prototypes and ‘Functional testing ‘to control the behavior and functions of the circuit board.

Thus, numerous transformations are seen in building medical diagnostic equipment, developing HDI circuit boards, Making imaging with lab equipment, 3D sensors in printed circuit boards and many more. In addition to this, the latest upcoming fade is spotted out in manufacturing echo friendly PCB’s. At last, a recent ray of discovery is heading towards an antidote for the Zika virus that is mushrooming towards many countries, namely New Zealand and the US which needs a sheer technological invention to curb and eradicate the Zika virus across the globe.

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PCB Assembly Bringing New Alters In The Renewable Industry

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PCB Assembly

One of the buzz topics in the technology markets galore for everyone both in the workplace and at home is ‘Eco Friendly Practices’. Going green has now become a fire fighting requirement to grow with the communities across the US and Europe that are now heading towards increased echo conscious in new technology launches. Major echo initiatives have gradually become a taproot strategy for marketing, especially in the renewable industry. A recent kick that triggered the gamut of technology businesses is to make the climate crises go down the drain with giving a ray of light to the tree huggers, ecologist, conservationist and environmentalist. This article brings a spotlight to current trends in the market, how PCB is used in renewable energy, upcoming technologies, its application with a glance at future of renewable industry. With this, new and fresh innovations are coming up in printed circuit boards to give an echo twist to the chic products specially for the OEM’s to help them transform into green business.

Enshrining green efforts are going mainstream for manufacturing PCB for renewable technology in addition to the PCB for the wind industry, solar energy, energy management system, rain energy, power generation and agriculture industry. The fashion for environmental protection is clear and renewable are the player. For this, PCB manufacturers in the USA are taking extra steps in offering customized complete turnkey, consigned and contract manufacturing services to cast and model the echo-friendly ideas into perfect PCB prototypes.

The use of heavy copper PCB in Invertors with solar and wind power storage/generation, HDI and multi layered PCB for energy management devices and equipment, rigid/flex PCB, SMT and many more has an extensive application in the renewable industry. The PCB assembly, PCB fabrication and prototyping has shown great modifications in the techniques used in the PCB production process to well maintain the quality and durability with zero defect batches of production. These new ideas will predictably change the ways people use energy.

Eco Friendly PCB Innovation:

Innovation in power generation

Leveraging the recent concepts with creative innovation in the basic PV system used for power generation has made it possible to increase the operational efficiency and durability with flexible axis solar tracker that can be connected to 50 electronic equipments. Hydroelectric generation also saw a perfect blend of implications to provoke inventions in power generation. A recent breakthrough is found in the inverters and controllers that are used in wind turbines and photovoltaic solar systems with upgrading the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technique. Other green initiatives adopted that are even proved fruitful for data analysis of renewable energy includes Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Synchrophasor technology, micro- grid and many more techniques.

Eco Friendly PCB Innovation in agriculture industry

The grid integration of renewable energy sources in the electronic systems has marked a decent growth in agriculture sector indirectly enriching the F&B industry. The wireless based system is also making the agriculture industry to survive with the cut throat competition in the market. The control systems and electronic equipment played a vital role with need of development in agronomy, forestry and horticulture.

Eco Friendly PCB uses in other industries:

The developments are also addressed in the Renewable Energy Desilation plants to curb the droughts and water shortage problems. This up-gradation in technology has also made it possible to measure the effect of climate change in water. Apart from Water Desilation, the solar energy and renewable energy have hit the innovations in construction business one of which is seen in controlling and monitoring the building with the Building Automation System (BAS) also know as Building Management System (BMS) which maintains balance in the operation of ventilators, security system, power, fire system and lightning of the whole building. The Design Energy Management and Optimization System is used to design a hybrid PV system that allows dynamic power management with operating simulations.

Creation of underground reservoirs that are used for power generation also has implications of Geothermal energy in the US. The geothermal energy is also used in the heat pumps during winter as a heater and in summer as a cooler.

Thus, with the sensitive concern of environmental protection as a prime focus IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) is heading towards doubling the consumption of Renewable Energy by 2030. This will help the new start ups, manufacturing units and OEMs with a cost effective echo friendly and design savvy electronic solutions that will lead them to growth every other day.

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Significant Technology Transformation in LED

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PCB LED Technology

Traditionally, the incandescent bulbs for fluorescent lamps, CFLs, Halogen, electronics, LPD, HPD and other luminaries were under fashion. With the fast growing world of developments, LED’s came into picture with newer concepts of dimming, integrated sensors, scheduling services and multiple spectrum lighting. Other customizations in LED lighting include LED components, retrofits, electronic control gears, light engines, SSL luminaries and other OLED luminaries that had an inbuilt technology for optimized controls with changes in lighting during daytime and other modifications as per the occupancy and needs.

With a gradual growth in the adoption of LED PCB technology, its trend has increased its usage in light management systems, Making, engineering and maintenance systems with its wider application is industries, shops, offices, architectural, hospitality , residential and outdoor lightings.

Completely replacing the conventional lighting with LED’s is our anticipated future. The emerging models in lightning market are focused more on enhancements in providing advanced controls, integration into new systems and varied automation in its features. A smart solution in using LED technology is complemented with a developed data availability and management systems with smoothly managing the scheduling and dimming potentials.

Recent transformation is marked with inventing a solar light emitting diode. The lightning market is now more focused on providing innovations in lightning with reduction in emission of greenhouse gas and energy saving with an advanced concept of “light cloud” that makes it possible for lights to follow a person.

In the industry of architecture, a sustainable lighting design with organic shapes is expected to be soon introduced in the global market. The research proved a great success in the medical industry to get a wound healed with LED irradiation. It also helped to heal human tissue with a good growth into body tissues. The LED treatment on cells grown, healed acute and chronic wounds in a human body. This technology helped musculoskeletal injuries to be healed faster, especially for the Navy teams and for the injured soldiers. Thus LED technology will sooner or later have its implementation in all dominant industries of the world with great innovations and better prospects of living.

At Technotronix, we are fully equipped to handle your LED PCB manufacturing requirements. With over 4 decades of experience in PCB manufacturing as well as assembling PCBs with differing levels of complexities, we follow industry best practices to ensure we deliver cutting-edge products. Our team of experts and state-of-the-art equipment ensures that all our PCBs meet the industry standards of quality and testing. It is our vast portfolio of satisfied clients that stand as the biggest testimony to our success. In case if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at sales@technotronix.us