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Time-to-market is a big source of competitive advantage in today’s crowded marketplace. Fast PCB prototype, therefore, isn’t just good-to-have, but a must have.

However, in ensuring that prototyping is indeed quick turn, there are two aspects that need to be kept in mind. The first of course is to do with the choice of the contract manufacturer. There are a number of factors that you need to take into account in making the right choice. The second aspect is to do with the information that you provide and to be aware of aspects that slow down PCB prototyping. Let us look at both these areas in some detail. It will be good to begin with some aspects that impact the speed of fast PCB prototyping:

Areas that slow down PCB Prototyping:

Multiple Lamination

With multiple lamination, the time taken to fabricate the board increases. As a thumb rule it is worthwhile to remember that each lamination cycle adds about 2 days to the fabrication process. A tradeoff is therefore required between the number of lamination required and the speed at which you require the PCB prototype.


While via-in-pad is extremely popular, the fact remains that it is seen to increase the cycle time by a day. It is important once again, therefore, to evaluate its requirement versus the speed at which you need the PCB prototype.

Surface Finish

Another aspect to evaluate in the context of time, is the surface finish required. If, for example, you need two kinds of finishes- one for the surface mount and another for the edge connectors, you will need to contend with additional time.

Criteria that you need to keep in mind while selecting your fast turnaround PCB prototype partner

Manufacturing Location for Circuit Board Prototype

First things first- it stands to reason that when you want quick deliveries the location of the partner makes a significant difference. The choice of an offshore partner for circuit board Prototype can come in the way of your delivery schedules. Choosing a USA based partner, on the other hand, can ensure that deliveries and hence your time-to-market isn’t impacted.

Prototype PCB Manufacturing Time

It is prudent to go with a manufacturing partner that is proactive when it comes to the PCB development time. Speeding up PCB Production time should be first choice for any PCB manufacturers. Some amount of due diligence in the partner’s past experience with clients will come in handy. It is also prudent to mention here, however, that due emphasis should be paid to getting the design right as that can cause delays. In fact, it will be best to take the manufacturer’s inputs ta the design stage itself. With their vast experience and industry best practices, they will be able to add value to your design from the manufacturability, stand point.

Quality of PCB

It is a given that you cannot sacrifice quality at the altar of speed. Hence you need to choose a partner who is committed to industry benchmarks and stringent quality checks. That way, you will be able to avoid not just delays but other costly mistakes includes loss of reputation to your company.

Ability to produce at scale

In choosing your quick turn PCB prototype prototype partner, what you also need to judge is whether the partner has the wherewithal to handle large production runs. While delivering high quality prototypes is critical, if it cannot be followed up with equally high-quality full volume runs, you will not be able to meet your production targets or that the large production runs could have flaws and deficiencies that you cannot afford to have. Evaluating the partner’s holistic competence and capabilities, is therefore mandatory. What you need is a partner that can assure both quality and timelines, irrespective of the volumes involved. This means that the partner needs to have the right equipment, the requisite manpower and the overall ability to offer production runs at scale.

Clearly, therefore, the secret to quick turn PCB prototype is to first understand how your requirements are likely to impact the production cycle and secondly to ensure that you go with the right partner who can make deliveries as per your requirement. A thorough analysis of both these aspects will ensure that you do not feel stuck at any point with aspects that are beyond your control, but which impact your brand and its reputation.

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