Recent and Rising Application of Industrial Automation

By | Date posted: | Last updated: February 14, 2022

Since the transformation of the century, there has been great boom of automation almost in each and every field across the globe, including industrial automation, home automation, mining automation, military automation, instrumentation and many more. Automation industries tend to customize the products for specific applications and needs. The Industrial automation will generate volatile growth with technologies related to new modulation points, i.e., Nanotechnology systems and Nanotech sensors. In the field of industrialization, automation is a major step besides mechanization. The up-coming future is mostly based on new concepts with up-gradation in wireless and compact technologies worldwide.

There are different types of automation tools, i.e., programmable logic controller, instrumentation, motion control, human machine interface, artificial neural network and distributed control system. When it comes to industrial automation, Host Simulation Software is used as a testing tool to inspect the devices.

There are certain technologies which have recently been introduced in the automation industries across the globe; some of them are ATMEL and new logic in industrial automation which combines relay logic and programmable logic controller. Other automated based applications includes wind energy transformer control, weather control, thermal reading control in plastic molding machines, new positioning of processes, control of robots, control in wastewater treatment plants, fire field control in waste incineration plants and anti-sway control of cranes.

The base element of any electronic solution and manufacturing solution is printed circuit board. To get an exact end to end solution for your electronic project, there are many different types of PCB assembled with state of the art techniques as per the customer requirements. A requirement of automated inspection exists in all PCB Assembly process where high quality and safety standards are to be applied in the operations. There is high demand of machines, other electronics devices and gadgets which are smaller and smooth wherein the printed circuit boards with lighter weight and compact shape are used. Few examples of industrial automation are air condition and ventilation system, analog meters, audio amplifiers, digital meters, electromechanical controls, heat sinks, electronic test instruments, industrial controls, potentiometers, resistance meters, transducers, weather station instrumentation and many more.

These up gradation in the automation gives high efficiency in the business processes along with delivering higher quality products with the minimizing the tedious work and saving the cost of production. Thus, one of the major challenges for automation based industries is to keep up to date with technology trends to survive in the market.

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