“Turnkey” or “Consigned”…Which is the Better Choice to go for Electronics and Design Solutions..?

By | Date posted: | Last updated: November 10, 2021
PCB Assembly

In the New millennium, there has been a quick pace of changes in the technological trends. With the up gradation marked in the systems, process and operations in almost all types of manufacturing foundation, there is a rise in demand of a rare king of PCB Assembly Services. Some customers shop for fetching a complete end to end electronic solution and some require a customized PCB Fabrication Service. There are two PCB manufacturing and assembling methodologies i.e., PCB turnkey assembly Manufacturing solutions and consigned PCB manufacturing solutions.

Nowadays customers majorly look for a holistic approach wherein the components and the inputs needed for the fabrication process are arranged by the manufacturer themselves and are responsible to complete the order till the PCB’s are delivered to the customers safely.

For the customers who are in search for a customized electronic solution demand for the consigned PCB Assembly wherein the raw materials are being arranged by the customers but the fabrication and assembling is done by the PCB Manufacturer.

As most of the end users shop for a cost effective electronic solution with high quality assurance and quick turnaround the trend of consigned PCB Assembly is showing a negative graph gradually. Complete turnkey assembly is more preferable for both high and low volume production and prototyping services.

As per the research, the reason why the complete turnkey assembly is highly in demand is that the EMS , OEM’s and PCB fabricators have an effective established supply chain with strong vendor management system . Other reasons for the same are economies of scale at the time of bulk PCB Manufacturing, the risk of poor quality is minimized and the PCB’s are manufactured with using latest technologies in the fabrication process. Many even opt to go for a complete turnkey PCB Assembly when they tend for new innovations or new product launches. Thus to deliver the PCB’s as per the customer requirements is the center point of focus in both the types of PCB assembly process.

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