Top Factors to Consider while Choosing Large PCB Prototypes Manufacturing Service!

By | Date posted: | Last updated: November 6, 2020
PCB Prototype Manufacturing

When you are looking at a circuit board that is more than 12 inches wide, what you are technically looking for, is a “large” PCB prototype. Besides their size, large boards are also characterized with a number of other distinctive features, primary among them being:

  • Significant number of layers
  • Large number of connectors

The above issues, in turn, impact the assembly process, making large PCB prototype manufacturing, a highly specialized job. Let us look at all the factors that need to be taken into consideration in manufacturing large PCB Prototype boards, in some detail:

Pace of PCB Fabrication

When you want a large PCB prototype, one of the reasons you need to select the vendor carefully, is to do with the pace of fabrication. When the PCB is larger than industry standards and if the vendor isn’t specialized to deal with it, the pace of fabrication can be severely impacted. In a milieu where time-to-market, is a big source of competitive advantage, this can be a big deterrent. It can severely push back your deadlines and impact your efficiency.

Large number of layers

While the typical layer count in a PCB ranges from 2-4 layers, 6-10 layers and 12 plus layers, large PCBs come with a significantly larger layer count. This requires a very specialized supplier to do the job, else the process can turn out to be very slow.


Typically since large PCBs do not fit on traditional panel sizes that the supplier usually works on, the cost per unit goes up.

Thermal impact

With a large PCB, what we are talking about is higher number of power and ground planes. This, in turn, means not just more solder material but also greater heat requirement. The thermal impact leads to higher time requirement, when it comes to solder reflow profile optimization.

Number of connectors

A large PCB Prototype comes with increased number of connectors. What this implies is that the testing mechanism needs to be robust to ensure that the PCB is working fine. This also means far more time spent in testing.

All of the above factors require that you choose a partner who has extensive experience in handling large PCB Prototype boards. In choosing the contract manufacturer, be sure that you do due diligence around the following aspects:

  • First up, check for their manufacturing processes. Essentially their processes should be able to account for the thermal impact that large boards require
  • The other thing to look for is what kind of testing capabilities they have. Robust testing of a large board is the greatest prerequisite for its success.
  • It is also important to check for turnaround times as that can be a big source of competitive advantage.
  • It will also be a good idea to look for client testimonials. Nothing can tell you more about the expertise of the contract manufacturer than a satisfied client.

What you need above everything else is a contract manufacturer who is aware of the industry best practices and can proactively anticipate any issues that arise when it comes to large PCB prototypes. They should be able to work through all the challenges and provide solutions that work well. With the experience and expertise of the contract manufacturer by your side, you can rest assured of the success of your product.

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