Top PCB Technology Trends bring the constant changes in the PCB Industry!

By | Date posted: | Last updated: April 28, 2021
PCB Technology Trends

To say that the PCB industry is highly dynamic, will be to state the obvious. The fact is that changing technology is bringing about new capabilities and functionalities as far as PCBs are concerned.

A big trend, of course is miniaturization of the PCB. This trend, in turn, is being driven by some technological developments.

Let us look at some PCB technology trends:

High Density Circuitry

The one major contributor towards PCB miniaturization is the high-density circuitry that technology has made possible. Designers now have the freedom to place components close to each other without hampering the electrical flow. That and the micro vias result in highly functional PCBs that are small and light.

IoT Devices

Another technological advancement that has impacted PCB design is Internet of Things. With wearables, smart homes and more, what is needed are highly functional PCBs in the smallest of sizes. This has seen the rise of minimalistic design. All of this is made possible with HDI PCB technology. Check out how to overcome the challenges of IoT with Smart PCB Manufacturing.

Augmented Reality

From making its foray from gaming into solving real life issues, augmented reality is now making its way into manufacturing. In fact Augmented Reality is now revolutionizing PCB manufacturing as well as design. One of the aspects it makes possible, is the ability of the PCBs to take on unconventional shapes and designs. In fact the impact of AR isn’t just limited to the design aspect alone but also impacts the production process. What AR also makes easy is the ability to oversee the entire design as also make testing easy.

3D printing

This is a major technological development that has given a big boost to PCB manufacturing. 3D printing makes PCB miniaturization a reality. In fact it offers a host of other advantages including:

  • Flexibility of design
  • Improved speed
  • Waste reduction, and more.

Other than miniaturization of PCBs, some of the other PCB industry trends are as below:

High-power boards

With solar energy applications, electric vehicles and more, there is increased demand for high-power boards. With PCBs having the option to accommodate more components such as battery packs, their ability to support such applications is far higher. They can also deal with interference issues effectively.

Flex Boards

Flex and rigid-flex boards have been growing in popularity as there are increasing number of designs where size and weight limitations are stringent. Such Flexible circuit boards also work well where the applications are high-temperature and high density.

COTS components

Another trend that is shaping the PCB industry is the use of commercial off-the-shelf components. These offer a whole lot of advantages including but not limited to:

  • High reliability and efficiency
  • Suited to mission critical systems on account of stringent standardization guidelines
  • Lower overhead costs since these are ready made and not custom in-house developed products

Green PCB Manufacturing

Like any other product, PCB manufacturing is also impacted by the need for green manufacturing to ensure clean and sustainable production. While PCBs have been using fiberglass, which is environmentally friendly, new advancements demand that this gives way to usage of material such as resin-coated copper and liquid crystal polymer.

Clearly then, the PCB industry is in the throes of major technological changes. Going forward we will witness a whole lot of innovation, not just in product design but also overall efficacy.

What is important, though, is that at a time where more and more electronics require PCBs, a tight control is kept on the supply chain. That is the only way that fake elements can be kept at bay and the PCB can deliver to the new benchmarks being set.

In order to be able to harness the true potential of PCBs, you need to engage with a board manufacturer who is well-poised to take advantage of these developments. At Technotronix, superior technology along with our advanced engineering prowess ensures that we can deliver state-of-the art products. With over four decades of experience, quality, on-time, price-competitive products are our forte. You can bank upon us to provide a varied range of multi-layered PCBs from tailor-made layouts. That we are an ISO 9001:2015 AS9100 Rev D company, means that peace of mind as far as product quality goes, is assured.

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