Why in-house Rapid PCB Prototyping is crucial for innovating Product Development?

By | Date posted: | Last updated: May 28, 2021
Rapid PCB Prototyping

When it comes to new product development, the role of PCB prototyping cannot be undermined. After all, before commissioning a full production run, it is imperative to be sure that the PCB is functioning correctly. You wouldn’t want to risk a large run with issues that could impact the smooth working of the final product. These issues, if any, when caught at the PCB prototype stage ensure that costly errors can be avoided. A prototype is nothing but an early sample that helps test the functionality of the design. For this reason, the process of PCB prototyping needs to be planned correctly.

In fact there are different types of rapid PCB prototypes that are used to test different aspects of the design. Prominent among these are:

  • Visual models – These essentially depict the shape and component structure and help review the overall design.
  • Proof-of-concept – If you are pitching to an investor with an idea, you sure know of this type of prototype that enables you to display the functionalities of the product.
  • Working prototype – These prototypes incorporate the functions of the final product.
  • Functional prototype – These are close to the final product both in terms of design and functionality.

PCB Prototyping is also extremely important as time-to-market is continuously becoming a huge source of competitive advantage. Whether it is beating the competition or getting to the market before the technology becomes obsolete, there are enough and more reasons to speed up the process. Little surprise then that rapid in-house prototyping is the need of the hour.

Here are the many advantages that In-House PCB prototyping has to offer:

  • Quick turnaround time

    Rapid in-house prototyping comes with the distinct advantage of quick turnaround time. What that means is that you could create new prototypes within days if not hours.

  • Improved possibility of innovation

    What rapid prototyping also offers is the improved possibility of innovation. With the ability to make changes in the PCB design easily, it is far more liberating for the engineer to be able to try out different things. There isn’t the fear of thinking of a positive change and then worrying that the product is too far into the production stage. When you have the liberty to work in this manner, it is a given that efficiency increases. The engineer could discover efficient designs or waste reducing methods, all of which enhance efficiencies.

  • Reduced Costs

    While standard PCB production is costly, what adds to the cost is the possibility of errors. With rapid PCB Prototyping the cost is significantly reduced on account of the following:

    • It is easy to uncover any design flaws early. This ensures that you do not have to resort to far more expensive fixes later in the cycle.
    • With PCB Prototyping, USA, the design team can try out various permutations and combinations that work well for efficiency and cost
    • It is far easier to make any product adjustments. In turn, this leads to reduced costs when it comes to redesign, packaging and more.
    • Overall, therefore what you are looking at is improved product quality with a lower cost of manufacturing, a win-win situation.
  • Improved time-to-market

    Rapid prototyping comes with the obvious benefit of the ability to take the product far quicker into the market than traditional manufacturing. In the best case scenario, you could be looking at cutting several weeks from the product roll out schedule which really is an invaluable advantage in today’s highly competitive world. In a scenario where technology becomes obsolete quickly, you are ensuring that you do not add to inefficiencies.

  • Custom variations

    With the roll out cycle being expedited, what you have is the possibility of introducing custom designs that are tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Whether it is new features, different sizes all of it is easily executable.

Above everything it is the fact that you do not make costly errors that not only can cost you monetarily but also make dents into your company reputation, that is invaluable when it comes to PCB prototyping service.

To sum up

Producing PCBs in-house means several things ranging from reduced development cost to improved turnaround times. In short, what you have is a strong competitive edge.

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