How pcb layout and PCB assembly is setting a new trend of electric vehicle charging stations

By | Date posted: | Last updated: April 9, 2021
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With the Electric vehicles (EV) becoming a recent buzz in the UK, new modifications in the vehicle charging stations come up every other day to reap the advantages of the saving fuel. People are also staying conscious about the environmental protection and using Eco friendly products and gadgets as much as possible. To derive innovations in car charging stations, an exact pcb layout and PCB manufacturing solution is the key success factor. This article drives you to the basics of vehicle charging station and the printed circuit board used in its manufacturing and installation. It also outlines the current modifications seen on charging stations.

As more and more people choose to opt for a plug-in hybrid vehicle or an electric car, it is vital to first get a short brief about the PEV’s. The battery electric vehicles operate through the an electric motor. While the plug in hybrid electric vehicles has both, an electric motor and gasoline engine. The PEV’s need to be charged on a regular basis to get high efficiency in the average miles. This has made the researchers forecast the increased use of PEV’s will drop down the number of conventional fuel stations than that of electric car charging station with making the electricity to be a propulsive dominance for vehicles, especially in the UK. The issue of car charging station is heading the electronic industry to come up with far reaching unique solutions.

With this, the tipping point for the modified charging station is grounded on the PCB Assembly manufacturing to come up with an improved electric design and manufacturing solution. In order to increase the potential of EV’s, the issues pertaining to the lack of charging station in every zone be it a free vehicle recharge or a ‘pay to charge’ option becomes a prime concern.

Giving a dynamic arena to the PEV’s, many charging stations are now installed in the UK, but still there is many more developments to be made with up-gradation of technology. The high tech PCB prototypes to design and manufacture the charging stations, be it charging point for homes, commercial or public use is taking a next step in enhancement that has multi functionality features. Also modifications are addressed in getting customized solution for wall mounted type of charging station or a pedestal structure or a ball top/curve top style of the charging station.

To manufacture an entry level commercial charging unit or robust vandal resistance EV charger that has a versatility in 1 way or 2 way plug in with custom fast charging versions or to discover a heavy vehicle charging station needs an effective electronic and design solution. With the help of flexible PCB, technology has made it possible to come up with security innovations that includes c/w hatch lock and overload protection with fault current security. For the manufacturer of charging stations, it proves challenging to also have well defined charging test equipments.

A device that has automatic charging capabilities with auto plug-in and payment facilities is a challenge to the electronic manufacturers. The use of an embedded controller in the system gives NFC and internet capabilities for mobile payment. The major challenge here is on the electronic manufacturers to reduce the cost of production with high efficiency grounded on the systems installed in the charging station.

The EV control center is also high in trend that offer both the options- pay to use Or free to use car charging service. With a single control panel it manages the multiple local EV charging points. The driver has to simply park the car in EV charging point which automatically initiates the charging procedure.

The customized PCB assembly with state-of-the-art techniques of production like the Surface Mount Technique (SMT), Through-Hole Technique and many others are highly in use to get a compact and multi feature printed circuit board used in automobile industry. To get a complete turnkey PCB Assembly for the high-tech control system used in EV’s, it requires an effective PCB assembly and also a consultation of a PCB expert.

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