Top Factors to Consider While Outsourcing the Box Build PCB Assembly!

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Box Build PCB Assembly

Box build, also sometimes referred to as systems integration, can mean a whole range of things – from a PCBA in a small enclosure to a complex electro-mechanical system that includes enclosure fabrication, installation and routing of cables or wire harnesses, and installation of sub-assemblies and components.

Today, it has become a fairly common practice among Original Equipment Manufacturers to outsource box build assembly services to a contract manufacturer. Not without reason. The advantages of outsourcing Box Build Assembly to a partner well-versed with the process, are many. From having experts with the right know-how and experience to getting custom products at cost-effective prices, you tend to benefit on all counts. However, while outsourcing Box Build PCB Assembly, there are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind to get desirable results. Here are some of them:

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill of Material (BOM) – In outsourcing your assembly, the one thing that is critical to put together, is the bill of material. Simply put, a BOM is a list of components that are required to manufacture the product. It is important, therefore, to put together this list meticulously, ensuring that the parts mentioned aren’t obsolete or not recommended for new designs. It is also important for you to mention which parts are to be sourced by the provider and which will be provided by you, so that there is no ambiguity. In turn, this ensures there are no production delays at a later stage.


Assembly – It is prudent to provide 3D models that helps the outsourcing PCB Assembly to come up with a proper visualization. CAD Models help the EMS provider to get a proper understanding of the placement and positioning of components.


Schematics – Circuit Diagrams are yet another requirement which help the EMS provider to put together an error-free assembly.

Sample Units

Sample Units – Particularly if your drawings or schematics are unclear, the need for sample units becomes even more pronounced. By way of sample units the EMS provider can get a fair understanding of your exact requirements and ensure consistent builds.


Dimensions – It is important for the Box Build PCB Assembly provider to have the exact details of the size and weight of the product. It not only helps the Box Build Assembly Process, the information is crucial for the provider to make necessary arrangements for storage, handling and shipping.


Testing – When you outsource the box build pcb assembly, you also need to clearly state the safety testing that you require. Whether you require a flash test or earth bond test, it should be specified in advance. In fact the provider with his vast experience can also come in handy to indicate to you what testing processes should be used.

The other factors to keep in mind in choosing the outsourcing PCB Assembly partner, is to check for their credentials related to:

  • Industry-specific needs – It is important to see if the company meets industry regulations and standards
  • On-time delivery – This will significantly impact your time-to-market, which is a great source of competitive advantage.
  • Support – Checking to see if the EMS partner has 24 X 7 support and can respond to your queries promptly is essential.
  • Volume requirement – It will also be prudent to check whether the partner is capable of handling the volumes required by you.
  • Custom requirements – It is judicious to ensure that the PCB Assembly partner is able to offer bespoke products as per your unique requirements
  • Ethical practices – It will be worthwhile to ensure that the partner follows ethical practices.

The key to success when working with a PCB Assembly USA, partner is to work in close co-ordination. Not only should all necessary information be shared, all communication lines should be open so that there are no gaps and therefore no scope of ambiguity at a later date.

Turnkey Solutions

Supporting a wide range of industries, a Box build PCB Assembly provider can offer turnkey solutions including but not limited to:

Product assembly

System level assembly


Product configuration

Packaging and warehousing

After sales service

  • Product assembly
  • System level assembly
  • Testing
  • Product configuration
  • Packaging and warehousing
  • After sales service

The right partner will have the necessary experience, capabilities and certifications to not just meet but also exceed your requirements, allowing you to ensure that your internal resources can focus on core strategic tasks.

Our strategic alliance and multiple vendor partnerships in the United States and overseas have made it possible to assemble PCB’s overseas when the parameter of a project requires it. We have many strong, long-standing partnerships with experts in a wide range of countries to assure that your project gets the same high level of quality and attention as projects done on-site at our facility. Our overseas vendors have been specially chosen because they are committed to meeting the exact standards of every project we take on.

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